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crystal williams

on 15 April 2015

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Forever 21
Mall Of Georgia
The purpose behind my plan is to increase the number of customers that come into the store, and to make our company grow beyond what is already is. By doing this we hope to achieve more customers and more publicity for our store.
Our newer target market is 17-23 year old students. We are mainly aiming for young adult men who are upperclassmen in high school or in their beginning years of college and are looking for cheap ways to expand their closets. They also have a job that pays well enough, to support their wants.
Grand Reopening
- This will help our store meet our goal, because if people see that we have changed our look it will be more appealing to the customer. By us making our store more organized it will also look big and like we have more than what we might actually have. This will bring in more customers and bring us closer to our goals.
Social Media
- Forever 21 will be establishing a strong social media platform by making daily promotional posts on their Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook accounts. Post will describe deals exclusive to everyone who signs up for them.

Spring Fling
Fashion Show
- This will get our clothes out there on social media and also pull alot more attention from our expected target market. We will be doing this to also show the variety of clothes that we have in our store.
Text Messages
- Forever 21 will allow customers to sign up for text messaging deals while checking out. They will receive an in-store deal offer only for any forever 21 in the area weekly. This will allow the store to gain more customers in the area.
- All customers will be asked if they want to sign up to receive deals and be alerted about sales etc. through their email. Every shopper that signs up with their email will then receive promotional deals, news of newest trends, and even online discount codes through the emails that Forever 21 will send. These emails will be sent as frequently as three or four times every week.
responsibility chart
Store Renovation
: The Forever 21 located in Mall of Georgia will go under construction for a $6,000 renovation and expansion. A few months later, the store will re-open with a newly constructed floor design allowing for a greater store capacity. This will give customers the opportunity to browse the store more freely while being able to interact with other guest, without a mess as well.

Gain a new target market Increase store traffic

GrandReopening ●Attract new customers
●“Social Event” to attract younger shoppers
Reward Cards Encourages customers to take advantage of benefits
BOGO Sales Money saving deals attract students that are low on money Attract customers looking for money saving deals
Grand Reopening
: The public will be invited to celebrate the Grand Reopening of Forever 21 located in Mall of Georgia. Selected guests will get an exclusive access into the store where they can enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and a tour of the newly renovated store. The costs of this event include the total renovation of the store, food, free gifts, and more. $10,000
Fashion Show
: Customers will be invited to join us for a night of free cocktails and plenty of fun, while enjoying a fashion show of all of our newest clothing. Models, drinks, and finger foods will contribute to the $6,000 price of this event
Rewards Cards
: During the midst of our campaign, we will produce rewards cards which will be distributed to our frequent shoppers. With each purchase, our customs are eligible to receive point. After 200 points is reached, they can earn cash back. The total production cost of each card is $3.25. All together we would spend $1,350
TOTAL COST : $23,350
Store Manager- Authorize the budget; Overlook the Grand Reopening, Fashion Show, and Advertising; Respond to customer complaint and comments.
Sales Clerks- Greet customers; Stock shelves, counters, and tables with merchandise; Prepare promotional materials and displays; Prepare food and drinks for social events.
Team Trainer- Direct the team; Set up schedules for advertising events; Distribute free giveaways at the Grand Reopening and Fashion Show.
Fashion show
Grand Reopening
Bogo Sales-
There will be certain items throughout the Mall of Georgia Forever 21 store that will be put on a BOGO (Buy one get one free or half off) sale. If any item in the store has the BOGO label on it, customers can buy that particular product and get another one either free or half the original price. This is will allow sales to increase and encourage customers to spend more on their visit.
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
Bogo Deals
My window display shows the spring fling theme and it attracts more attention and customers to the store. Also men will feel more comfortable to come to enter the store and buy from us.
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