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Over Coming the Fear of Public Speaking

No description

Kemii Briggs

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Over Coming the Fear of Public Speaking

The Fear of Public Speaking/Stage Fright
Celebrities Who have Suffered from Fear of Stage Fright
Fear of Public Speaking Statistics
Why People Fear Public Speaking
Fear of making a mistake
Rejection that you will look foolish or stupid
Others will find your talk boring or a waste of time
Having a breakdown right in front of the audience
Barbara Streisand
Panicked during a 1967 concert in central pk. she avoided performing live for 27 years.
Rod Steward
Who was reportedly so nervous the he belted out a tune from behind a stack of loud speakers
Renee Fleming
Was so struck by stage fright that her voice coach would push her on stage.
Fear of public speaking is known as Glossophobia
The percent of people who suffers from speech anxiety
The Percent of men and women who suffer from speech anxiety
The number of people who have a social phobia
5.3 million
Ways of Over Coming your Public Speaking Fears

Know your material and the audience
Practice your speech
Try Relaxation exercises like deep breathing
Don't apologize for being nervous
Analyze your fear then talk to a friend, coach or therapist to uncover what lead to having glossophobia
Realize the purpose of your presentation, is to inspire and motivate people
Avoid slides, if you must use them keep them to a minimum
Shift your focus from yourself to your audience and know they want you to succeed!
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Dowd, Thomas B.

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