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How can you protect yourself and your information online???

This show will show you how you can prtect yourself and your information on the web.

Andrees Danker

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of How can you protect yourself and your information online???

How to prtect yourself and your info on the web. This slideshow will show you some basic things to do for your safety on the web. There are many programs that
can portect your data, personal info, and/
or your computer itself You may want to use anti-virus programs like Norton, Anti-spy Doctor, windows defender, etz. Some of these software’s have viruses on them if you download them from the internet. You can also protect yourself by
not downloading un-needed files.
Most viruses come from downloading
games, music, and other things that
are not aproved by an anti-virus prgram. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antivirus_software

Another way to protect
yourself is to back-up
your hard-drive.
If you already have an infection go to your local tech. store and ask for help. They may be alble to help you. You can either put
it on a USB or on
a portable hard-drive. In order for you to
back-up your files
you need to copy/paste
your data onto the
USB/hard-drive. Bofore you do anything stupid,
make sure there are no potectial
threats on your computer.
It may cause a virus on your back-up. You should also use a firewall Or avouid posting personal
data on social network sites
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