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Albert Fish

No description

Hannah Gay

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Albert Fish

Albert Fish Albert Fish is known for being one of the most vile pedophiles and killers of all time. Albert Fish was born on May 19, 1870 in Washington D.C. His family had a long history of mental illness and he was orphaned by his parents at a very young at. It was at the orphanage where he was abused and beaten and learned to use his hands over his brains. The Beginning Fish moved to New york in 1890 and that's when his crimes against children began.. He would be kind and friendly and lure the children away from their homes. Fish would like to beat and sexual assault his victims before he killed them. He would use paddle laced with sharp nails, meat cleaver and knives, which he called "Instruments of Hell" . He was known for eating the children after he had raped and murdered them. He often targeted African American children because he believed the police would not waste time looking for their killer. Appearance Gentile-looking and appeared to be kind and trusting. He was said to look and act like the average old grandpa Albert Fish was a father of 6. His wife left him for another man. People believed that that is what triggered him to begin to sexually abuse his own children. The story of Frank Howard To keep from getting caught Fish would change his name and take on different identities. The one that lead to his capturing was when he changed his name to Frank Howard in 1928. Fish told an young boy named Edward Budd and his family that he would give Edward a part time job to help out around the class. He introduced himself as Frank Howard, a long Islander farmer looking for a boy to do work around the farm. The family, thinking Fish was a kind and a polite man, took the job offer. Fish promised to return and give further details. When Fish returned he told the family he had to go to his grandchild's birthday party. He suggested that he take the Budd's youngest daughter with him. Grace Budd was happy to go, and they left without any suspicion. Once they left, Grace Budd was never seen alive again. There was a six year investigation on the disappearance of Grace Budd. They had no leads until a letter was sent to Grace Budd's mother describing in detail all the horrific things that Fish did to Grace. They used this anonymous letter to track down Albert Fish. Once they found Albert Fish he was arrested and began confessing to killing Grace Budd and several other hundred children. While he was confessing he had a smile on his face as he described all the torturous things and murders he committed. Albert Fish's trial began on March 11, 1935. He pleaded innocent by the reason of insanity, He claimed it was voices in his head telling him to do it. The jury finally found him to be guilty after a 10-day trial. He was then sentenced to die by electrocution. On January 16 1936, Fish was electrocuted at Sing Sing Prison. http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/serial_killers/notorious/fish/9.html




http://serialkillercalendar.com/briefALBERTFISHbio.html Our opinion Albert Fish was a sick psychopathic human being. He took advantage of innocent children for his own pleasure. He may have been smart by changing his name but that also led to his capturing. I agree with the conviction the jury gave Albert Fish, he deserved to have the death penalty after all of the innocent lives he took.
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