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Pathways to the Common Core Presentation

Chapter 10: Speaking and Listening

Yaneth Penaranda

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Pathways to the Common Core Presentation

Chapter 10: Listening and Speaking Pathways
to the
Common Core Stepping Stones
Building Excellence: Broad Overview of the Standards Implication for Instruction for Speaking, Listening Language Standards Promotes Language as a Tool to Make Powerful Craft Moves Emphasis we find within Anchor and Grade- Specific Standards 6 Standards Speaking and Listening Standards Expect Students to Engage with Various Forms of Media Full multimedia implementation in the standards is raised. More specifically,
how students should be accustomed not just to using technology per say,
but using it for clear purposes, as described on page 167.
How do most teachers currently teach students to use technology
to present information in our school Comprehension and Collaboration
Goal of Academic Literacy
Intellectual group talk, take a position as a critic and reviewers of literature they read and hear. Student progress through school where by 5th grade the conversation becomes more sophisticated Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
Goal to become Skill Collaborators Presenters and be able to critic other's presentations. Oral Presentations are expected to be well organized, focused, with supporting main ideas and themes which include audio and visual support. Implications for Instruction Suggestion is for the teacher to provide many opportunities for the student to interact and create arguments leading to debates, enriching student's speaking and listening skills. CCSS has students becoming more tech savvy across curriculum as they progress through school. it is just not only to work on the computer, but utilization of technology in order to develop strength and fluency with various multimedia elements. High emphasis is placed on usage of technology with a purpose. The speaking and listening and language standards highlight the cohesive nature of the CCSS, where what students learn in regards to one set of expectations can reciprocally support and draw on the others Developing a Deep Understanding the Expectations of the Speaking and Listening and of the Language Standards Implication for Instruction Plan for Rigorous , curricular- align conversations between students. Not just conversation but a more negotiation of meaning ( Marzano's Interacting with new Knowledge, Organizing students to generate and create hypothesis Organizing student for deeper Undertanding)requiring more purposeful interaction which then leads to conversation which are more sofisticated as the progress throughout the years. Teacher's roles moves from teaching to becoming a facilitator leading the students to be more skills independent and self motivators. So the teacher can focuses primarily on teaching reading and writing. Teaching reading strategies, conventions and your teaching becomes for strategic and based on needs. Language Standards The language standards stress that students should learn to
use grammar and conventions over needing to define them,
and that students should learn to choose flexibly from a range
of strategies for determining the meaning of
unknown words over memorizing vocabulary lists Knowledge of Language which outlines the application of that knowledge into their writing and speaking. Vocabulary Acquisition and Use outlines the expectations for the vocabulary. Conventions of Standard English which outlines the expectation for grammar With that said this Standard outlines on how the writer handles the language . When presidents, great orators create speeches with such an impact that pulls you into the novel, or story. it is not the conjugation of the verbs ,but how the speaker organizes these verbs into the speech. Implication for Instruction Begin with Assessment in mind Teach the Standards in connection with writing, reading,speaking and listening which is what is already being done in class. Know that sometimes when new strategies are taught, students always tend to fall back, however they tend to bounce back when they master the new skills. Plan for repetition of skill Stay up to date with the latest educational research on best practices.Teach others and defend your practice to those trying to sell you something new. The speaking and listening standards and the language standards round out the Common Core Standards. They make connections and support development of the other standards.

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