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Gamification: A Road Map to Better Connections

No description

Omar Abreu

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Gamification: A Road Map to Better Connections

Gamification: A Road Map to Better Connections
To improve connections with our customers, and connections amongst themselves
To utilize Connect more efficiently
Increase lead generation
Increase customer retention
Why Gamification?
With the help of incentives, we can build up a community that better connects customers with us, and each other.
User Journeys
Next Steps
To brainstorm and create badge & group names.
To Implement Gamification in Connect
Create a team to manage Connect
Customer Spotlighting
By spotlighting exceptional users on the homepage, we can not only increase customer loyalty, but prompt users to get connected.
VIP Treatment
Treating users like VIP'S by inviting them to events and secret groups is a great way to increase retention, and customer loyalty
A thriving,
well connected community

Monetary incentives
Monetary Incentives gives the user a reason to not only stay with LP, but suggest LP to others
Users can go through different journeys, and on the way collect points and badges that lead to incentives.
For ex:
Customers would get spotlighted based on either:
A) Gaining a certain number of points
B) Doing something extraordinary on Connect
Exclusive Content
LiveEngage Credit
Giving users a chance to go to Aspire
and connect with other customers is a great way to not only connect with others, but stay connected with us.
Giving users access to exclusive content
through secret groups
Execution is divided between points, badges, and groups:
Finalize Points system
Using Jive's Gamification Module, implement point system with Badges
Organize Badge names, descriptions, and layout.
Brainstorm, and create Badge Design
Using the Gamification Module, associate Badges with the point system
Create and organize group names.
Using the Gamification Module, associate groups with a certain point level
LiveEngage credit is a great way to award users, keep them with us, and have them suggest us to others.
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