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Alexander Graham Bell

No description

ian rogooti

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell
By: Shre Nandam Alexander Graham Bell was born March 3 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Alexander Graham Bell only had 5 years of
education yet he still became one of the
most praised inventors in the world. Edinburgh Royal High School Alexander's mother was deaf, but she was
a musician and an artist. His father taught
deaf people to speak through his invention called "Visible speech". Alexander Graham Bell
Moved to Canada with his
family in 1870 at the age
of 23 At the age of 29, in Canada
alexander graham bell created the
world's first telephone. the first
message in the history of the telephone
was directed towards his assistant. After Bell invented
the telephone, he
created the bell
company(cellphone company) as a present to his
wife, alexander gave his
wife a portion of bell
company. Bell and his wife had two
daughters and two sons, but
the sons died early. Elisha gray and antonio
meucci both claimed to
have made the telephone
before bell, but there is
still no proof. Alexander ended his
fruitful life on
August 2, 1922
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