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Challenges and Issues in the Global Environment

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Awais Zafar

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Challenges and Issues in the Global Environment

An environmental problem arises whenever there is a change in the quality or quantity of any environmental factor which directly or indirectly affects the health and well-being of man in an adverse manner.
A Success Story
Jack Ma

Chinese Business Magnate and Philanthrophist
Founder of Ali Baba Group- A Successful Internet based Businesses
First Chinese Entrepreneur to appear on cover of Forbes Magazine
Richest Man in China and ranked # 17 Globally

To become a Successful Businessman by meeting the challenges and availing Prevailing opportunities.

Prevailing Challenges and Issues in Global Environment
A Changing World
The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship Globally
Population Growth,Demographic-Shifts and Impact on Natural Resources
Rising Global Inequality
Changes in Global Philanthrophy
Changes in Global Business
At a Tipping Point
Thank you!
Group Members
Awais Zafar
Abu Bakar Malik
Naeem Aslam
Ali Hassan
Nida Dilawar
 Ethnocentric
 Polycentric
 Geocentric

Issues & Challenges in Global Environment
Discipline & Culture
Problem Solving & Risk Management
Finding the Right Staff
Security Threat
Energy Crisis
Lack of Resources
Global Environment & International Managers
Difficulties operating in a Borderless World
Socio Culture
Multinational Corporations
Foreign Markets-Entrance
The Rise of Generation Y
Technology is a Driver
Cathching Fire
Success, Aspirations and Personal Values
On Entrepreneurship
Expectation for Businesses
Barries to Starting and Scaling Social Enterprises
Spreading the Word
Business as Usual, Redefined?
Social Entrepreneurs Redefining Success
Survey Results : Impatient for Change, Open to Help
Today's Social Entrepreneur (SE)
How can Business HELP ??
Looking Ahead
Opportunities & Challenges to scaling
Social Entrepreneurship
Barriers and Challenges to Achieving Scale
Opportunities for Coporate-Social Entrepreneur
Win-win Partnership
2013 Boston Consulting Group (BCG), The Power of Social Business: Lessons
from Corporate Engagements
World Economic Forum: from Risk To Opportunity
Forbes 2016 Publications
The Economist
Wall Street Journal
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