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Holocaust DBQ Project

No description

Lexy Lix

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Holocaust DBQ Project

Holocaust DBQ Project
How did Nazis' legal system change the lives of Jews?
by Lexy Lix, Yilda Morales, Katheryne Rodriguez
Period 3
The Holocaust was a terrifying time for Jews and any non-German living in Europe during the years of 1933-1945. During this time the Nazis were in power under Hitler's control. Hitler thought that German needed to be the dominant race. The Nazis legal system affected the lives of Jews living in Europe because they were restricted and discriminated.
- Main idea of Legal Restrictions (doc 2) is how Jews were being limited to certain opportunities.
- For example, Jewish children got restricted to enroll in school and Jewish adults couldn't have jobs in general.
-This shows how Jews were being degraded little by little and nothing could be done about it.
-The main idea of discrimination is that the Germans are closing all the Jewish shops.
-For Example, three Jewish business men are forced to march down a crowded Leipzig streets while carrying a signs reading: "Don't buy from Jews. Shop in German businesses!"
This picture shows how more rules were being added to restrict Jews.
This shows how people were just letting this happen and weren't doing anything to stop it.
Source Analysis
This source is a picture, and it was taken during the time of the Holocaust. It makes sense that it says "Don't buy from Jews. Shop in German businesses," because during the Holocaust Germans were trying to get Jews to live a miserable life and wanted Jews to be eliminated.
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