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Book Trailers

No description

Taylor Cone

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Book Trailers

A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers to promote books and encourage readers. (Wiki)

~To gain interest for book
~To bring attention to author
~To encourage sales

~Marketed through Circle of Seven Productions
~Went viral on YouTube
What is a Book Trailer?
Book Trailers and Technology
Social Media

-Technology incorporated with younger generations
-Author Blogs

Increase of Technology

- Creates different ways to make book trailers

Book Trailer Cons
- Take away from creativity and imagination
- Can be very costly
- Takes a lot of effort and video making/editing skills
- There isn't a way to tell if they really bring in revenue/readers at all
- Book trailers never really make a book "famous"
- Don't really allow for an accurate description of book (can be misleading)
- Bad trailers could ruin a book for the readers
Types of Book Trailers
Group Ten
Book Trailers: A Form of Video Essays
Popularity of Book Trailers
- Authorial

- Character

- Plot Line

- Emotional/Comedic

- Off-the-Wall

- Cinematic

-90% of 10,000+ books published each year go unnoticed
-Book trailer formula similar to a person who only likes to read books if front and back cover are interesting.
-They are abrupt (good for today's society), and contain TEASERS
-Audio Visual ratio
-Specific audiences are key (i.e
Fault in our Stars
= Teenage love story).
-Like this parody, book trailer parodies have become increasingly popular.
-Popularity of book at the time is key.
-Using a trailer parody is the best way to mock a hated book.
-Helps to reach audiences who don't usually read.
Book Trailer Parodies
Here is a book trailer parody
Evolution of Videos

-The Gum Thief
-Love and Obstacles
-The Night Circus
-Super Sad True Love Story
-Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Business Evolution

-Book Trailer Companies
-Circle of Seven Productions
-Red 14 Films

Evolution of Book Trailers
The Worst Book Trailer Ever?
- What is a book trailer?
- Purpose and history of book trailers.
- How book trailers have changed over time.
- Types of book trailers and the different voices authors use to express themselves.
- Technology's role in the way we have viewed books over time.
- Popularity of book trailers.
- Book trailer cons.
- Book trailer overview
- Where book trailers began.
- The evolution of the book trailer
- The essayistic characteristics of book trailers
- Technology's role in the nature of book trailers
- Difference in book trailers to attract different audiences.
- Negative impact that book trailers can have on how books are perceived.
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