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Wendy Razo

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Kidnapping


Wendy Razo, Maria Duarte, & Itzel Montero
We will talk about what causes people to go missing and how it affects them.
Will also talk about the percentage of missing victims, based on their age.
Also some solutions that have helped people go back to their families. (Amber alert)
Finally we will also talk about what would be the best things to do if you were kidnapped.

8 million children world wide go missing each year.
People go missing every day.
It's victims are becoming younger, mostly children younger than 12.
Most kidnapping cases are girls who get raped and sold for their body.
More than 1000% increased in sex trafficking in 2004 to 2008, till this day child pornography has become a GLOBAL crisis due to earning money.
Divorced and parental disputes (when one parent wants to relocate or move to another location)
Some children are abducted by their non-custodian parent (aunt, uncle, mother's boyfriend, friend)
Some kids run away due to abuse.
Many parents cannot have their own children and want to adopt, but there are many illegal agencies and kidnapped children for "adoption" or "sale"
Parents think it's safe, they never think that when they leave their child alone, someone could be watching, for example in the park, the mall, or the front yard.
Every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the United States.
In 1974 kidnapping in the U.S stood at 60,000, by 1976 it stood at 459,000 to 751,000
In 1980, over 150,000 children were reported missing. Now, over 900,000 are missing.
In 2010, over 692,944 children were reported missing, 531,928 of those victims were under the age 18.
In 2010, NCIC's missing persons file, reported 65,000 individuals catagorized as '' Persons over the age 21''.
Less than 11 years old=29%
11-17 years old= 32%
18-24 years old=22%
25 years or more=13%
Percentage of missing victims
The effects of being kidnaped are:
lack of trust
child custody
sex trafficking
If a person is missing for more than 7 years and they cant find them, they are reported as dead.
Recovery rate has grown from 62% in 1990 to 97% thanks to Amber alert.
Amber alert was created in 1996 and is operated by the U.S .
March 2015, 745 children have succesfully been recovered as a result of the program.
Kidnapping and hostage survival guidelines
Once you have been forced into a vehicle, you may be blindfolded, beaten, drugged, or forced to lie face down on the floor of the vehicle (to cause unconsciousness).
If drugs are administrated don't resist, its better to be drugged than to be beaten unconscious.
If you are conscious follow their instructions.
You have to be calm, try to keep track of were you are.
If asked questions don't use information that can be used against you.
Speak normal, don't complain.
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