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Anderson Umoru

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Tornadoes

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A Vortex of Destruction
By, Anderson Umoru, Katherine Rudin and Kassandra Ferreira
What is a Tornado?

Key Terms
An upright spinning column of air.
- when air moves upward.
- something that can be ruined or destroyed
- remains of anything that was broken.
Super cells
- a system that produces severe thunderstorms
- a whirling mass of air, especially one in the form of a visible column or spiral, as a tornado
Why are Tornadoes so Dangerous?
Interesting Facts
How are they Measured or Recorded?
Famous Tornadoes
The EF scale is the most common scale used for a tornado
It measures the tornadoes based on the wind damage
EF Scale stands for- Enhanced Fujita Scale
A tornado is measured by wind speed (mph)
The air inside a tornado ranges from 100km to 500km which is measured by the EF scale
The Fujita Scale measures how fast the tornadoes spin
Sometimes, tornadoes can spin up to 300 mph
Saturia–Manikganj Sadar Tornado
Happened in the Manikganj district of Bangladesh
Occured on April 26, 1989
It killed 1,300 people
It injured 12,000 people
It is expected to be the deadliest on recorded in history
The tornado struck around 6:30 am
the storm traveled 10 mile long and 1 mile wide
Town were left to ruins
It left 80,000 people homeless
It lasted 1.5 hours
After the tornado many people were starving and disease spread
It cost over one million dollars
A tornado is a spinning, column of air that is one of the most destructive natural disasters in the world
Tornadoes usually form because of the warm, wet winds meet cold, dry winds
Tornadoes last for about an hour, and can spin really quickly
Tornadoes can form when warm air goes updraft and wet winds mix together.
Cold winds are pushed to the bottom and the warm air rises faster and begins to spin counterclockwise
The spinning air inhales warm air from above the ground, causing the tornado to move faster and faster
Colorado USA Tornado
It happened on June 13, 1984
No injuries occurred
The width was 50 miles
The length was 1 mile long
It was a 1 on the fujita scale
It lasted 9 hours and 40 minutes
There was a lot of a hail, making it one of the worst and second costliest storm in Denver history
It cost about $276 million in hail damage
Flying debris can injure people
Houses are crushed
Tornadoes can pick up cars, houses, trees, and people
Anything picked up from a tornado can be carried many miles
Tornadoes can hurl objects
Why they are so Dangerous...
This picture indicates all the debris left by a tornado
Waco Tornado
How to Pack
It happened in Texas
It occurred on May 11, 1953
114 people were killed
597 people were injured
Survivors had to wait 14 hours for rescue
600 homes were destroyed
1,000 buildings were destroyed
2,000 vehicles were destroyed
It was ranked an F5
It was 1/3 mile wide
It started at 4:37 pm
It was the deadliest tornado in Texas
it cost 310 million dollars to repair the city
Before a Tornado...
Store at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
Avoid foods that make you thirsty (Anything with salt like chips, crackers, etc.)
Pack salt-free crackers, whole grain cereal, canned foods with liquid content
A gallon of water per person per day
Goliad Tornado
Just like a hurricane the eye of the tornado is the calmest part just much more narrow
About every year 1,000 tornadoes touch down in the U.S.A
U.S.A has more tornadoes that touch down than any other country
Waterspouts are tornadoes that are formed above a body of water
Twister or cyclone are other names for a tornado
Tornadoes spin counterclockwise and clockwise
List of Things to Pack
It happened on May 8, 1902
It was the 2nd deadliest tornado in Texas
It occurred just before 4 pm
It was ranked and F4
It occurred 15 miles southwest of Goliad
100 homes were destroyed
It was 1/8 mile wild
235 buildings were destroyed
114 people were killed
250 people were injured
3,424,800 dollars worth of damage
This picture shows a tornado striking down on land.
Small radio
Canned food/Power bars
Hand powered can opener
Plastic plates & silverware
Water Bottles
First-Aid Kit
Work Cited
Work Cited
List of Things to Pack
Car Charger
Change of Clothes
Anything for Pets
Anything for Children
Multi-Purpose Knife
Go to the lowest layer of your house (basement)
If you live in a one story house stand in a doorway, a room with no windows and a room with nothing on the walls (bathroom)
Lay in a tub and cover yourself with pillows, blankets, and/or a mattress
If your in school get under a sturdy object (a desk or a table)
If your in a car try to drive away from the tornado
If your outside go to the nearest shelter
After a Tornado...
Check for any injuries that has happened
If there is a broken bone anywhere, go to a hospital immediately
Wear boots or hard shoes
Stay away from electrical appliances
If children are afraid that the tornado will come back, the parent should tell stories of other severe things that happened
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Hurricanes and Twisters remix to "Hey Soul Sister."
This is a picture of the Tornado hitting.
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