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Star wars prezi

No description

Keiran Pace

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Star wars prezi

Hi I'm Keiran and I'll be taking you on an adventure through the star wars galaxy! On our tour though be sure to be wary for separatists and pirates. Now buckle up because we are going into hyperspace!
Well here it is folks the capital of the grand republic. There is so much to do on this city planet. I will now get into more detail.

Well I hope you enjoyed your stay on Coroscaunt because we are landing on Mandalore. The prime minister and Duchess Satine awaits so lets get started on our Mandalorian tour.
Well that was a very pleasent trip to Mandalore wasn't it. Now we are going to Mandalore's neighbour Yavin. There is a lot of history on Yavin. Lets explore the context of this wonderful moon.
Star wars prezi
The senate building
We are now arriving at the galactic
senate building. This is where debates, votes and sessions of congress take place to decide the fate of the republic and the galaxy. There are over 12 million systems in the galactic republic! The first building you will see is the senator living building. This is where all of the senators offices are and where some of them call home. This is also where the chancellors office is. The far building is known as the senate building where the senators do their jobs working for the galaxy. You may see blue guards those are the royal guards of the galactic republic

The Jedi temple
Welcome to the Jedi temple. This is
where all of our Jedi warriors are trained. There are 4 stages in the jedi training. Young ling, padawan, Jedi knight and Jedi master. Say hi to master Yoda and Master kenobi as we walk through the temple. The Jedi council sits in the left wing tower. This is where the Jedi make decisions about what to do and where to go next. The two main speakers on the council are Master windu and Master Yoda. The library is where the Jedi store all their history and archives of the Jedi and the galaxy. Say hi to Librarian Jcosta Nu as we continue. We have now approached the room where all the Jedi holocrons are stored. Unfortunately we can't go in because it is top secret.
Slum district
This is the slum district on Coroscaunt. Its best if you stay close because this can be a bit of a dodgy place. Criminals, bounty hunters and even separatists hang around the bars and night clubs here. If your looking to do some dealings on the black market then you have come to the right place. The black market sells a wide variety of things. From animals to a Jedi ligtsaber! You will probably see lots of authorities around this area because crime is fairly common. Some good things are the markets where you can buy a fresh fruit all the way from Todaria or meats from Naboo. The choices are endless. it is also fun to explore the area but maybe avoid exploring at night when the criminals come out.
These are the docks.
This is where the prime
minister and Duchess Satine will greet us. It is also where many off worlders come to trade and do business. Since Mandalore is a neutral system it has very tight security to make sure it is not involved in the war. The docks have a scientific lab where it controls the fresh water and sewage on Mandalore.
The Royal Palace

You see those gates at the end of the city that
is the entrance to the royal palace. The royal palace is where Duchess Satine's throne is located. It is also where she host meetings and sessions of congress with the Mandalorian government. Duchess Satine sometimes has conferences with the republic and the separatists here as well. In the room next to the throne room is the Prime Minister's office. This is where he enforces new laws and government affairs on Mandalore. After creating these he then holds a meeting with the government and Duchess Satine to make sure everyone agrees to it.
Gardens, streets and death watch on Mandalore
The streets and gardens on Mandalore are very fascinating. The trees and plants are cube shaped and the streets go in all different directions and are entirely made of glass. Duchess Satine enjoys going for walks in many different places. She does not enjoy all her security though. The streets and other areas on Mandalore are threatened by a Mandalorian terrorist orginization called death watch though. Once they bombed the streets almost killing the Duchess and Master Kenobi! The death watch wear the same armour as Jango Fett and are from the Mandalorian moon of Concordia.

We will now go on a day trip to Concordia so buckle up and wave goodbye to the Prime Minister and Duchess Satine. When we land on Concordia the Governor and the Mandalorian police shall greet us.
Governors Building

The Governors building is fantastic. Notice the muarl of the Mandalorians fighting a war against the death watch. This is the Governors office. Here he speaks with the Prime Minister and Duchess Satine he also enforces and discusses laws with the Concordian provincial government. He also keeps track of the death watch and any other terrorist activity here.
Mining facilities
on Concordia
Concordia used to be famous for its mining strategies and facilities but now all the mining facilities have been closed and abandoned because it was destroying the environment on Concordia which was costing the lives of millions. Many citizens on Concordia then left to live on Mandalore and the mining workers on Concordia now jobless decided to form a terrorist group called death watch to gain revenge on Concordia and Mandalore for closing the mines and making them jobless. The mining facilities are mainly used now for lairs and torture chambers for death watch.
Death watch

The death watch are a terrorist organization which like bounty hunters do any deeds for price. They do not enjoy serving the republic and will not serve Mandalore. They usually work for pirates and separatists and really enjoy serving Count Dooku because of the bounty provided. They train on Concordia and can be a big threat to the galaxy at given times. Their leader secretly is the governor of Concordia and have many dealings with the provincial government of Concordia. Over half the population of Concordia is under the influence of death watch.
As you can see when arriving on Yavin there are temples and pyramids on Yavin. These were created by Naga Sadow after his Sith forces were defeated in the great hyperspace war. He built these temples because he needed somewhere to live while he was in exile. Unfortunately these ruins are being destroyed in the clone wars and may not survive them.
Use of Yavin
Yavin is used for many things. It has many republic outposts and mainly controlled by the separatists. Because of both republic and separatist outposts on Yavin it causes lots of conflict and war. Senators from the galactic republic also come to Yavin to discuss bad moves by Chancellor Palpatine. These group of senators include Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Padme Amadala and others. They are known as the separatist senators.

We are arriving on Dathomir. Lets make this a quick visit because those night sisters give me the shivers.
Mother Talzin/ night sisters
The main population on Dathomir are night sisters which are ruled by mother Talzin. The night sisters and Mother Talzin do all sorts of magical stuff for revenge and to cause balance in the war. They help both the republic and the separatists but are enemies of the Jedi. They are also enemies of count Dooku and plot many ways to kill him for revenge. They are very dangerous and could take over the galaxy if the republic and separatists don't act fast.
Welcome to Mygeeto ladies and gentlemen. We must be cautious when on Mygeeto because we don't want to get blasted to pieces by the war do we.
The architecture on Mygeeto is muun style because it was built by the banking clan and the separatists. The multiple villages are connected by bridges so all the trading routes are connected. Much war takes place on the bridges.
Clone wars and banking clan
Since the banking clan played a key role in the galactic economy. Most of it do dealings with the separatists and not the republic. Since the entire galactic economy depends on the banking clan this causes tons of war for the fate of the economy. The battle of Mygeeto is still going on today and Master Ki Adi Mundi has had little rest fighting the battle droids of the banking clan.
We are now arriving on Muunilinst the capital of the IGBC ( intergalactic banking clan). This is the corner of the outer rim known as money because of the muuns and the economy.
Muunilinst is where the IGBC and the muun government is located. Harnaidan is the capital this is where the IGBC and its core 5 leaders make decisions. It is also where San Hill IGBC representative on the separatist council also enforces laws. The vaults however are located on Scipio another muun planet. The capital is huge and is bustling with markets which sells fresh fruit from Mygeeto. It is also a fun bustling place on weekends. Unfortunately the planet is polluted by the clone wars because the republic and the separatists both want full control over the banks for them to win the war.
Welcome to Dantooine folks. We are out of the muun area and in the farming section. This planet has many wheat fields and farms and is used to recover from battle for both Separatist and Republic forces. There is also much war here
There are many farms here because of all the wheat and wildlife offered on Dantooine. Unfourtunately many of these farms were destroyed during the battle of Dantooine in the clone wars. Many farmers were forced from their farms and from Dantooine during the war. In the end Dantooine was forced to join the Separatist Alliance.
Well this is it the capital of the sith lords. It is also where the sith first originated from. Lets make our visit quick so we don't get wrapped up in any sith or mind tricks.
Valley of The Dark Lords
This is the valley of the dark lords as you can see there are multiple hooded statues and a temple at the end. The temple is known as the sith temple. Count Dooku and his master have been seen coming here to train and prayer. Rumours say that many th lords live in the temple. Republic officials even clones are too afraid to look for the sith.
Well ladies and gentlemen having s good time? We are now arriving on Felucia a planet with very interesting trees and plants. This is Separatist territory so be careful.
Plants and Trees
The plants and trees are very bizarre and are like fungi. The animals who roam the jungles are rubber like and are herbivores. Practically the whole planet is covered in jungle because there is very little civilization. A few farmers and villages can be found though. Many plants and trees are knocked down and destroyed in the clone wars since there is lots of war here because the Republic wants Felucia back from the Separatists. The war eliminates Felucia's true beauty.
Well I hope you survived the sieges on Felucia! We have now entered the atmosphere of another war torn planet. Rhen Var is a planet located in the Tion cluster of the outer rim. In 22 BBY the confederacy of independent systems seized the planet so be cautious. As we visit we will try not to interfere with the war.
Rhen Var
Rhen Var used to be a planet full of life and vegetation in prehistoric times. But about one million years ago an everlasting ice age occured on the planet and turned it into an icy, snowy world. The majoity of population went extinct during the climate change.
Welcome to Vjun. It is pretty much a lifeless planet in the galaxy except for Count Dooku. Thats right themost feared sith in the galaxy lives here in a place called Bast Castle. We will try to avoid it as much as we can.
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