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"Tips for Tweets"

No description

Demetris Stefani

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of "Tips for Tweets"

"Tips for Tweets"
The effective Tweet
Keep it short (less than 100 char = 17% more engagement)
Use #hash tags (3 is more than enough less is more)
Use Images : A picture is not only worth a thousand words; it also counts for replies, re tweets and views on twitter
Add a call to Action "Create your future now at @heysuccess.com "
Spell the Word "retweet" instead of RT = 23 higher engagement
The Cheat Sheet
Print it. Keep it. Love it!
Its the HOLY BIBLE of Twitter.

The 7 Deadly Sins
The Twitter Marketing Techniques
Share something Useful
Connect with the right people
Retweet ( you can use tweets from other HS interns)
the hash tag
mention people to be noticed
Measure (Socialbro does the job!)
Use twitter tools (Social Engage, Socialbro and Buffer)
Time to communicate - Ideas
Storytelling (your Intern photo + powerful message about the experience you live with HS)
Share some insides from HS (plus benefit)
Use enigma ( When will then be now?...Answer SOON! #hs)
Smart quotes
Give some benefit ( share opportunities)
Participate in University tweeter chats
You go on stage, share your knowledge, experience and expertise (HS should be promoted indirectly)
Some Examples
"Seizing the day with @heysuccess.com . Check new #opportunities everyday! "
Do not try to sell me a link. You are off my list. FOREVER (share benefit)
Follow me and Ill follow you back. (How about..NO)
Do not share EVERY thought (Think what your audience needs)
Do not overload people with your messages
Haters aren't cool
Make love not War. ( Share positive messages)
PRIDE = Pride is for those folks who just spout their own opinion repetitively. Double yawn.
Some Examples
Thank you
Just remember guys..
Use story from HS press Release
Give some benefit : i.e opportunities from HS website.
Share knowledge when needed: " I got accepted to Coca Cola thanks to @HS @UnivofPhoenix "
Let's rock it! ;)
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