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Online facilitation for education


Oxa Air

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Online facilitation for education

Facilitate e-learning community 1. 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5 Active participation Motivation Engagement Interaction with Student, Teacher, Outside Community Facilitate = Conduct an Orchestra Teaching = Peadagogy Knowledge = Music Walk the Talk Model e-behavior Be inclusive, Share Summarize, Weave Do not Present, Do not Lecture Teach WHAT? One in a time Event Continious Process facilitate does not mean Teach 1. Technichal Skills
set up
use vriety of media/tools 2. Social Skills
recognize diversity
build trust 3. Online Individual Communication Skills
multymodal format or writing, oral, visual communication
4. Onine Social Networking Skills
- combine 2 and 3 5. Learning Support Skills
direct (knowledge, discussions)
manage, organize content,
help with knowledge construction (goes to teaching more)
time, effeciveness,
feedback, assessment,
help pacing learning process

6. Teaching Skills are Separate from Facilitating Skills Basically 2 Sets of Skills:
E-moderating Goes better with 4 stages then
communicating - community building (used to be team building skills) "through your heart" Organize Content Prepare Activity Recall & Comprehend Apply & Collaborate Provide support arrange assessment Case Studies Creative Commons Demonstrations Digital Video/Stories Simulations Vocab, Glossary, Dictionary Electronic Text, Graphics,
Audio, Video, Casts Australian Flexible learning Framework The Centre for Educational Technology (CET) Poster-Street Facilitate Online Interaction and Communication for Learning Gilly Salmon, Zane Berge, Andrew Feenberg, Cindy Xin, and Ed Hootstein Carol Blenkin, Joyce Bruce, and Denise Nelson at the Canadian Network of Innovation in Education conference in Banff, AB, in 2008. c Peer auditing Transparency Presence All THings in Moderation Berge e-moderators:
Technical Zane berge Full Circle Associates Nancy White of Full Circle Associates Andrew Feenberg and Cindy Xin Feenberg and Xin Feenberg and Xin Berge "Sticky" discussions(OX) - look forward to come back Feenberg and Xin describe a list of 10 online communicative functions and divide those functions into three groups: contextualizing functions, monitoring functions, and meta functions. . “The effectiveness and success of e-learning programs are dependent on facilitators’ roles in delivering and managing instruction.” Wearing Four Pairs of Shoes—Ed Hootstein Wearing Four Pairs of Shoes—Ed Hootstein Gráinne Conole in Cloudworks to discuss pedagogical models in e-learning. Partner CONTRIBUTORS: organizations EVALUATE!!! Subject Expert Enjoyable EXAMPLE: Problem-based learning for mobile tutoring Activation
information processing Activation
information processing Pedagogical model:
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