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nabiila firsandia

on 28 July 2016

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Generic Structure
Using 5W and 1H for asking informations
Ex :
What is your name?
Who is your father?
Where is the train station?
Why are you late?
Using Do/Does for asking informations
Ex :
Does he know that….?
Do I know you?
Language Features
Can/could you tell me…
I’d like to know…
I wonder if you could tell me…
Do you know…
The definition is our expressions to ask questions or to ask about explanations from what we said to someone else, so we get information from it.
Definition of ask is to say or write something to someone as a way of gaining information ;to request an answer to a question.
Give means that we share information
Alfat Novrian
Isna Mudrikah
Jalu Reswara W.
Nabiila R Firsandia
Nadine Aurelia
Rania Devina

Giving and asking information is important in our daily life to know the situation around us, such as some news. And it makes us to be care about what happens in our school or our neighbourhood.

Name : Nadine Aurelia Pasha
Date of birth : 24 November 2001
Gender : Female
Address :

Questions related to the Video :
1. What is REM stands for?

2. When is dream usually happened?

3. How long does REM usually last?

4. How long do we spent the night dreaming?

5. What is Lucid Dreaming

6. Who is Sigmund Freud

7. What causes the area in the brain involved emotions, sensations and memories become active?
Video related to
Asking and Giving information
of asking, to get information about our backgroud, families, direction, general information, and what others think about something a.k.a opinion.
You want to know how other’s think of their own answer for a question that you asked.

of giving, to share our thoughts, inform and explain information that is not known by others who asked.
When giving informations, these are the things to consider :
Speak clearly
Use understandable language
Eyeball the listener

It also makes us to think critically about something that happens. Beside that, asking make us know more. And giving informations enlarges and sharpen our knowledge.

Name : Salma Duha Adrian
Date of birth : 2 June 2001
Gender : Female
Age :15

Name : Rania Devina Nandini
Date of birth : 5 July 2001
Gender : Female

Name : Jalu Reswara Wiradjanu
Date of birth : 28th June 2001
Gender : Male
Age : 15

Name : Nabiila Rizqi Firsandia
Date of birth : 22 Februar 2001
Gender : Female
Age : 15

Name : Monika Putri Maharani
Date of birth : 19 April 2002
Gender : Female
age : 14
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