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Samantha Adams

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Classes and Integrated Exams
Available Resources
Q & A
The SASS: The Best Resource you have on campus
Questions for the Panel
What advice do you have for preparing for an integrated exam and taking an exam for all your classes at one time?
What was the biggest challenge taking exams on the computer, and how did you overcome that challenge?
How does the study preparation in pharmacy school compare to undergrad?
How much time do you spend studying for each subject before the exam?
What was your most difficult class P1 year and any study tips?
Class notes: paperless vs. paper?

Get Ready for one of the best years
Class of 2018!!
More Questions for the Panel
1) What do you wish you had known before starting P1 year?
2) What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome during your P1 year?
3) How do you balance it all?
4) Why do you think were you successful?
5) Last piece of advice for the Class of 2018....
What is Rho Chi?
Rho Chi is the pharmacy academic honor society.

Encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement and foster achievement among its members.

Our colors are purple and white.

The eight sides of our key represent chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, biomedical, social/administration, and clinical sciences.
Executive Committee
Member Selection
Members are selected based on GPA.
The top 15% of each class is accepted after 3 semesters.
An additional 5% is accepted after the 5th semester.
Programs and Activities
P1 and P2 Survivor Guides
CV & Residency Workshops
Rho Chi Induction Banquet
Guideline Updates and much more!
Overview of Student Panel Page 2 ---->
Introduction of P2's on our Panel
Test Reviews
Study Space/Rooms
Educational Coaching
Strategies for Learning
Time Management Workshops
Test Taking Workshops
Test Anxiety

Other Resources
Recorded Lectures
Each Other
Panel Questions:
What other resources have you used during pharmacy school? How helpful have the resources listed above been for you?
Faculty Advisors

Dr. Bradley Boucher
Dr. Peter Chyka
Rho Chi
Prescription For Success
Academic Panel

Ashley Kwasigroh

Vice-President (Memphis):
Swati Jain
Allie Punke
Hannah Donnelly

Elise Abbas
Mary Herechuk
Jennee' Nickelson
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