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No description

Ali Williams

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Curiosity

Ali Williams Mars science laboratory: Curiosity Pre-launch actvities November 26, 2011 Prepare for take-off! Launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base
in rocket Atlas V-541 Cruise Approach Begins after spacecraft separates
from launch unit. Begins 45 days before reaching the martian
atmosphere. August 5, 2012 Entry, descent, And Landing Begins when the spacecraft enters the martian atmosphere, 78 miles away from the surface. - Landing site selection
- Testing
-Shipping rover to Cape Canaveral for departure August 22, 2012 First drive Rover completes a series of automated computer sequences to make sure the rover is stable and working properly. Present Surface Operations Scientific investigation process begins. Timeline Gale Crater Where is curiosity now? Mission stats Title: Mars Science Laboratory

Purpose: find out if life did or could exist

Time: 2 years Saturday October 6: first scoop! Glenelg AKA "Rocknest" ?
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