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business presentation


jessa mae capitan

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of business presentation

Shoe-paholic celebrate with style Mission Statement Keys to Success Products Objectives to provide an upscale selection of women's shoes
and outstanding customer service. to meet the demand for an upscale women's
shoe store with a wide selection and focused
customer attention 1.To create a product-based retail store whose primary goal
is to exceed customer's expectations.
2.To increase the number of clients served by 20% per year
by serving an unmet need with outstanding selection and
customer service.
3.To drive awareness and build sales through mentions in
both local print and the nation's top fashion magazines. •Pumps •Open toe shoe
•Wedge shoe •Mule
•Mary Jane •Boots
•Sandals •Oxford
•D’Orsay •Platform > a shoe store for women that offers stylish shoes best for every woman in different occasions. It is the right place for women that need a special pair of shoes. It is a business that will sell quality ladies shoes within the Philippines. Too tired to shop outside? shoes! Why Choose Us? •We provide women with a boutique that offers
a comfortable and approachable environment

•We offer a variety of beautiful and high-end
fashion shoes

•We help women learn what shoes and styles
go best with their unique personalities

•We generate buzz and sales through top-notch
exclusive services
Sales Strategy Shoe-paholic’s sales strategy will be based on
display and visibility. A highly visible store
with attractive product displays located in the
mall will get a high percentage of foot traffic.
This is especially the case for a women's shoe
store. Visit us at our official website and
shop online! Delivery is on time. www.shoepaholic.com Enter the world of fashion... Tel.222-4779 Cel.+639051635563
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