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The Lion King

No description

william murray

on 28 November 2015

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Transcript of The Lion King

The Lion King
The Lion King has 3 biomes featured in the films. They are the Savanna, Tropical Rainforest, and Desert.
Community Ecology
An example of community ecology in the film would be the sucession in which the Hyenas invaded the pridelands and threw off the food chain. Since they had to compete for food, the Hyenas hunted the animals so excessively that they nearly killed them off, thus forcing those preyed on animals to migrate to a better area.

Another example of community ecology would be the Interspecific Interaction between Lions and antelope. It would be a predator-prey relationship.

A very good example of Symbiosis found in the Lion king is the Birds who were in those Alligators' teeth during the "Just Can't Wait To be King" scene. Those birds were actually Egypian Plover Birds, who clean the teeth of the Alligators and in return, get food. Therefore, this would be a mutual relationship between these two species.
Adaptive Behaviors
When Simba was taken in by Timon and Pumba, he adapted to eating bugs instead of the usual Lion diet. Also, Parental care took a huge place during this.It isn't unusual for a different speciest to take care of an abandoned child species. For example, a Lioness took care of a baby antelope after killing
Ecological Relationships and Concepts
The Savanna is a tropical grassland with warm temperatures year round.
Temperatures range from 68°F to 86°Fand it gets up to 50 inches of rainfall per year.
Many of the animals that live in the Savanna may include Zebras, Rhinos, Gazelles, Lions, Cheetas, and warthogs.
Plants native to the African Savanna are Bermuda Grass, Manketti Trees, Elephant Grass, Candelabra Trees, and Whistling Thorns.
Tropical Rainforest
The tropical rainforest is a hot and moist biome that is found near the equator and it receives from 60 to 160 inches of rainfall each year. Temperatures range from 68°F to 93°F. Wildlife may include Antelopes, Bonobo, Spider monkeys, Toucans, d various insects.
Vegetation may include Bromeliads, Epiphytes, and many carnivorous plants such as venus flytraps.
Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert is the world's largest hot desert in the world. It receives very little rainfall, up to 1 inch per year. The Sahara is well known for its winding dunes and soft sand. Its animals are Anubis Baboons, Hyena, Ostriches, Cobras, Chameleons, Dama Gazelle, and a few Camels. There are very few plants, which will be found on oasises, which include Acacia, Palms, Thyme, and Oleander.
An example of an Ecological Relationship would be the Intraspecies Competition between Simba and Scar.
Another exapmle would be the interspecies competion between the lions and the hyenas.
Energy Flow

Throughout the film, the idea of a Circle of Life is said. This "Circle of Life" means that people are constantly born and constantly dying, and when they die, the energy they had in their body return to the earth. This can also be seen in many biogeochemical cycles, such as the Nitrogen Cycle.
1. Lions wouldn't adapt to eat bugs
Lions solely eat meat, so for them to not have any, they would die
2.The Lion King failed to show the truth to a pride takeover
Disney failed to realize that if a Lion takes over a pride, the male who took it over would have killed all of the cubs therefore; Nala should have been killed the day Scar took the pride.
3.Animals do not attend a ceremony for a newborn lion, nor do lions hold these ceremonies.
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