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The Wiccan Religion

No description

Tiffany B

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of The Wiccan Religion

The Wiccan Religion
This religion doesn't believe in having one person in complete power over everyone. Each coven has its own High Priestess who runs the duties of the coven and performs their rituals. In the British tradition the High Priestess is a woman and she stays in power year after year. In new Wicca every ritual can be led by a different person. What stays the same in all wiccan tradition is that the role of High Priestess is a role of services not a position of power.
Work Cited
The Origins of Wicca
In the Wiccan faith they believe in many gods, for example the Goddess Hecate, the Paleo Goddess, and the Triple Goddess in her 3 main forms. They also have many teachings on the afterlife, but most of them are based on some form of reincarnation. They believe that when a person dies they are born again & part of their soul goes back into nature.
Symbols and Their Meanings
One of Wicca's symbols is the Paleo Goddess. She represents the earth, moon, ocean and the circle of life. Because Wicca is a nature filled beliefs , the Paleo Goddess is one of the main & most accurate representations of Wicca. Another symbol is the Pentacle or pentagram. This represents the 5 key elements in the Wiccan religion: Spirit, water, air, fire, and earth. It also shows the nature order of life with creation and destruction.
A lot of people hear witchcraft in Wicca and automatically assume they're evil. Also a lot of the time Wicca is associated with satanism, but they are nothing alike. The concept of hell never even existed in Wicca. This makes many people think negatively of the religion when in reality its a very peaceful faith. Wiccans believe in coexisting with the world and only using witchcraft & spells for the good of the earth.
Religious Texts
Since there are no exact records for the origin of Wicca, they don't have any actual texts or scripts they follow. Most of the Wiccan tradition comes from folklore & spiritual rituals passed down from coven to coven.
The Wiccan religion is mainly a 20th religion that is based on a form of nature worship. It first started around areas in Great Britain. There are no exact records for who started it, we people believe that it dates back to the Neolithic era. As of 2001 there are about 134,000 people practicing this religion world wide.
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