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Germany by:Reese Taylor 3rd

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Germany by:Reese Taylor 3rd

Berlin is the capital of Germany.
Germany's main language is german.
Government /economy
Germany has a federal rebublic government. Germany also has a market economy
Germany is made up of many religions for example, muslum, cathlic etc. but there main religion is christianity.
Germany has secondary schools for children before they start kindergarden. Children from 3-6 can attend these schools(pre-school instatutions). When children hit the age of 15-16 the schools lead them into vocational training, where they start entry-level work in the public sector.
Natural Resources
coal,lignite,natural gas,iron ore etc.
Iron ore
Crops/ agriculture
crops: potatoes,grain,wheat
agriculture: organic farming
many castles, and historic churches
sports: many olimpic sports
music: electric music,opra,pop music
dance: expressonist dancing,waltz,zwiefacher
food: rich hearty cuisine(braised pork hock)
festivals: christmas,easter,oktoberfest
traditions: day of german unity
Extra Facts
-most populous europeon country (apart from russia) 82 million
-15 million people in germany are non-german decent
-about a quarter of americans claim part german ancestary
-2006 worlds youngest billionaire was the German prince Albert ll von
some of the worlds greatest philosophers were German.
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