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Story Elements -

No description

Cole Meyers

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Story Elements -

What does every good story need?
Story Elements
WHERE and WHEN a story takes place.
Sequence of Events
Main Problem in the story
Quick Write:

Think of a book you have read or movie you have seen recently. What made that book or movie unforgettable?
People, animals, or other creatures in a story.
Protagonist: Main character in a story
Character Trait: Describes the character's personality
TTYP: Pretend you were going star in the next big movie. What is one character trait you would want to have? Why?
Write down the SETTING (where AND when) of each picture you see.
Internal Conflict: A problem between a character and himself
External Conflict: A problem between a character and an outside force
Quick Write: Write about a conflict you have had in the past week. Was it internal or external? How do you know?
Resolution: When the problem is resolved, or fixed, at the end of the story.
Theme: The main lesson from the story.
(But we'll learn about this later, kids.)
Exit Slip:
What is your MVP from the prezi?
What is one question you have about story elements?
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