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Engineering Concepts

IED Castle Project 2012

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Engineering Concepts

Ruins of Asgard The Ruins of Asgard Bran Castle is a world renowned establishment located in Romania. It is considered a national landmark of the country. Romanian folklores tell of a man with the name of VladIII that lived in the Bran Castle alone. He was suspected of murdering his victims and impaling them on stakes to be left to rot in the castle. His stroy was the insipration of the classic tale of Dracula and this castle was used in the making of the film. Alnwick Castle is a very famous structure. It is the second lastest standing castle of England and has housed many passing lineages of royalty. It is most famous for its role as "The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" in Harry Potter. Edinbugh castle is the oldest castle in Scotland. Dating back to almost 900 B.C., where the first brick of the castle were laid. The castle oversaw the Bubonic Plage that ravaged Scotland and contains paths that lea directly to the Edinburgh vaults, where contaminated victims were left to die. Bran Castle Alnwick Castle IED CASTLE PROJECT 2012 Tushar Rastogi Edinburgh Castle THANKS FOR WATCHING
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