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No description

Kiki Enisan

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Poseidon

Floods, Earthquakes, Rivers, and Droughts.
One of the most powerful Gods and brother of Zeus and Hades
Caring, Just, Powerful, Wise, and A Practical Joker
King of Olympus
Hephaestus was married to Aphrodite
Aphrodite was having an affair with Ares
Hephaestus caught them and the Gods mocked him
Poseidon was the only God who didn't ridicule Hephaestus
Leto was mother to Apollo and Artemis
She was going to give birth on the island of Delos
Poseidon fastened the isle to the bottom of the sea to aid Leto
Cepheus was the king of Ethiopia and father to Andomeda
Both Cehpheus and Andomeda claimed she was prettier than the sea nyphms
An enraged Poseidon flooded the kingdom and sent a monster to the land
Was a greek sailor who went to an island to find the "golden fleece"
On the island he met Polyphemus, a cyclops and son to Poseidon
Odysseus blinded Polyphemus
Poseidon made sure Odysseus' journey home would be tought because of this
Poseidon was an important part of defeating Cronus
He used his trident and captured Cronus
This allowed Zeus to overthrow him
Poseidon was an independent God, and asserted himself
He was known as the "God who holds the earth"
At one point the Gods of olympus decided Zeus had gone too far with his arrogance
Poseidon, Hera, and Apollo worked together to trap Zeus on Olympus
Zeus often left his post at Olympus to have affairs with mortals
Zeus "did not seem appropriate or dignified
•Zeus was known to the Romans as the God “Jupiter”. Because the Romans were very big on law and good behavior, they had to change Zeus’ character because he had so many faults.
Poseidon is a God who shows compassion, leadership, power, and empathy
Poseidon can relate well to others because he is laid back, not self absorbed, meaning he would be good at reasoning and problem solving. It also shows Zeus, the current authority, isn’t fit to rule Olympus.
Poseidon is the God of the sea, horses, and unicorns?
Poseidon originally
possessed a lightening bolt?
Poseidon wasn't eaten by Cronus, and was hidden from him?
Poseidon actually wanted to
rule the seas more than the skies or underworld?
Poseidon had lovers from both genders?

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