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Ben and Me

No description

Sergio Borunda

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Ben and Me

After Ben becomes obsessed with electricity, Amos starts becoming a guinea pig for his experiments. Ben would randomly zap him without his permission. After Ben stops conducting experiments on him he does a presentation on electricity for the governor and other important figures, they are zapped after Amos rearanges some wires.
Chapter 6
Ben and Me
When Ben wants to rove that lightning is electrical so, he invents the lightning rod and hooks it up to a series of wires that end in jars full of liquids. During a storm lightning hits the lightning rod and sends such a powerfull shock through the house that Ben is left cowering under his bed.
Chapter 7
During a kite ride, Ben invents box for Amos to ride on atop the kite. one day while using this contraption, Ben strands Amos on the kite to see if lightning is indeed electrical as he predicted. Amos goes back to his home for a while and when he recovers goes back to live with Ben.
Chapter 8
One day Amos hears that war has started and tries to do whatever he can to help. In the end he meets Red, Thomas Jefferson's mouse who with the help of Amos writes the original draft of the Declaration of Independence meant for mice.
Chapter 9
Amos, the first child in a family of twenty seven, decides to leave home for a better life for himself and his siblings. After following a scent of cheese, he finds shelter at Benjamin Franklin's home where he decides to stay and help the budding inventor.
Chapter 1
After Amos tells him how unconventional a fireplace is, Ben and Amos invent a new fireplace that goes in the middle of a room to use all the energy it produces. They decide to call it the Franklin Stove.
Chapter 2
After that first invention of the Franklin Stove, Amos and Ben made an agreement where Ben will give food to Amos and his family, a home for Amos and have it delivered twice a week to the church where they lived. In return, Amos would give Ben ideas and help him in general.
Chapter 3
One day, while Ben is out swimming in a river a dog comes. Amos is terrified of the dog so Ben chases it when he picks up the fur cap Amos lives in thinking he was inside. While he's gone, two travelers find Ben's clothes and think he has drowned. when the Mayor, Governor, and townspeople come they find Ben waiting for them, soaking wet.
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
While at Ben's printing shop, Amos
decides to change some things in Poor Richards Almanac and, after printing
them the captains of the dock try to
mob Ben but in the end he convinces
that a fool made the changes because
of the fact that instead of saying Poor
Richard, it said Amos.
Chapter 10
When George Washington visits Ben Amos, gives Ben the idea to get help from France for the revolutionary war. He convinces him with three reasons: French wine, French pastries, and French ladies. They are then sent to France to enlist their aid.
Chapter 11
When Ben and Amos arrive at France Ben is very well greeted and sought after by many people. After a dinner at Madame Brillon's house Amos meets Sophia, a mouse who has been separated from her family and he promises her that he will reunite her family.
Chapter 12
When Amos makes the promise to Sophia he learns that Red is in town so he finds him and he helps Amos plan to take Sophia's children from the French court. They enlist the help of all the mice near Paris to help during the fight.
Chapter 13
During a ball at the French palace Amos and his mice, along with Red, infiltrate the palace and engage in battle with the French mice. At the peak of the battle, John Paul Jones' ship rats come and turn the odds to Amos' favor and he wins the battle. Sophia is reunited with her children and plans to return to the U.S. to find her husband.
Chapter 14
After the trip to France Ben is treated as a hero and there are parades for him. Sophia is reunited with her husband and three of her children get married to Amos' three youngest siblings.
Chapter 15
Since the war had ended, Amos stayed at home with his siblings and Sophia's children rather than go with Ben to meetings. On Ben's birthday Amos buys him a new hat now that the old one is worn out. After that they celebrate and Amos curls up to sleep in the old hat.
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