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Social Media

No description

Colleen Barry

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media Things will never be the same. Real Estate: 1990 MLS inventory is delivered to agencies in book form
Homebuyers and sellers come to agent first
Agent-led process
Lack of transparency 1990 People buy books at stores
Vacations are planned with a travel agent
Computers require $$ and expertise
"Big three" networks control TV Real Estate: 1995 Same 1995 Amazon.com is founded
HGTV is in its third year Real Estate: 2000 Some companies develop websites
Display only their listings
85-95% Budgets focus on print ads 2000 Orbitz is being founded
iMac is in its third year
Google is in its third year
TiVo is in third year Real Estate: 2005 Local news sites share MLS info
Some RE companies show all MLS listings
Zillow.com is founded 2005 Facebook turns one
Yelp turns one
YouTube is founded Real Estate: 2010 MLS listings are shared widely
Some companies experiment with video
Some companies have social media plan 2010 Twitter turns four
YouTube surpasses 2 billion views daily
iPhone turns three
Facebook passes 400 million users Where are we going? Where we came from Best practices Conversational
Lifestyle oriented
Listens to input
Responds Worst practices Bullhorn
Stifles criticism
Ignores input Uses Brand-building
Driving traffic
Expanding audience
Facilitates conversation
Informs business Benefits Measurable success
Shows stickiest content
Shows trends Hosting a talk/event Another ad venue Tools Hootsuite for posts
Native apps for comments
Endorsement ads "friends like" Transparency
Lifestyle approach - not scientific
Responsiveness What people want Understand the nature of your business
Embrace change
Encourage critical thinking
Look at other industries
Deliver best client experience
How to deliver it
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