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Japan and Korean History

No description

Bill Hildenbrand

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of Japan and Korean History

Japan's History tied to native religion
Shinto Belief in Spirits that affect the world
Kami Sun Goddess - Amaterasu 3 Sacred Objects Bronze Mirror Bronze Sword Jade Jewel Torii Gates - entrance to shrines syncronetic connection between Shinto and Buddhism after 600 CE Japanese History is tied to native religion
Shinto 660 Jimmu Tenno - Great Great Grandson of Amaterasu Heavenly warrior - 1st Emperor Establishes Yamato Uji (Clan) Japan's imperial Dynasty Kyo or Kyoto - Home of the Emperor Japan's Feudal Society Emperor owned all lands Warlords - Daimyo - "Great Names" Samurai - "Those who Serve" warriors Peasants - many levels Closed Caste system Artisans and Merchants Kamakura Period - 2 invasions by Chinese (Yuan) from Korea Defeated by Kami-Kaze -"Divine winds" 1200 - 1600 - Feudal wars over land Development of Shogunate power Shogun - "Military Dictator" By 1600's - 3 great Shoguns
Oda Nubanaga
Tokagawa Ieyusu 1633 - 1850 Tokagawa Shogunate Outlawed Warfare moved Bakufu - Gov't of Shogun - to Edo (Tokyo) Enforced isolation until 1850's 1852 - Admiral Perry Treaty of Kanagawa - "Opens Door" to Japan 1867 - Tokagawa Shogunate ends => Meiji Period Rapid modernization Euro influenced industry, military, education and cultural westernization "Selective adaptation" - => "Japanization" 1904-05 - Russo-Japanese war => 1st Asians to defeat a Euro power => take Korea Fight w/Allied powers in WW I Post WW I recession => increased support of imperialism/Militarism New Gov't - Diet w/47 States - Prefects 1930's several "incidents" w/ China => 1937 invasion of Manchuria New PM - Hideki Tojo Japan quickly tried to solidify hold on Asian resources => US blockade of Japanese oil =>
Dec. 7th 1941 attack - Pearl Harbor US efforts at "Island Hopping" Battle of Midway, Coral Sea
end Japanese dominance Battle of Iwo Jima, Okinawa by 1944/45 August 6th - Hiroshima August 9th - Nagasaki Aug 15th, Japan Surrenders 1945 - 51 - US occupation Gen. Douglas MacArthur - American Shogun Japan Rebuilt as block to Communist advancement - "Containment Policy" China 1949, Korea - 1951, Vietnam - 1956 Korean war - 1950-53 - Helps rebuild Japan Bushido - "Way of the Warrior"
"Death before dishonor" New constitution & Democratic Gov't Ronin - "Masterless Samurai - Mercenaries Ninja - Peasants trained in secretive fighting styles Seppuku - Ritual Suicide
Hari Kiri - "Stomach Cut" Korea The Legend of Tan-Gun
2330 BCE 3 Earliest Tribes - 2nd - 4th CE
Silla China tried to control the 3 kingdoms - unsuccessfully 668 CE. Korean Tribes united under Silla -
influenced by China Korean noble - Hwabaek controlled society of mostly peasants Buddhism - arrives in 4th C- dominates Korean life 935 - 1392 CE - Goryeo Dynasty replaces Silla rule Neo-Confucist ideas arrive in Korea
from China by 1300's Mongols (Yuan Dynasty) invades Korea 1392 - Gen. Yi Seong-gye replaces Goryeo dynasty => Choseon (Joseon or Chosun) dynasty until 1900's Yi Dynasty- Moves capital to Seoul
Replaces Buddhism with Confucist beliefs
Uses Civil Service testing
creates Korean Alphabet
enforces rigid Social Classes (Caste) Several failed Japanese invasions
by 1600's Christianity arrives w/ Dutch traders
Spread by Jesuits despite religious persecutions in the 1800's Despite early advancements of Chosun -
by 1600's weakened => 200 year isolation Korean => "Hermit Kingdom" kingdom decline in late 1800's =>
Signs trade agreement w/ US weakened Korea affected by strenghtening Japan Russo-Japanese war => increased role of Japan in Korea annexes Korea in 1910 Japan's role in Korea end in 1945 Russia enters Korea - 1945 => Communist role => divides Peninsula divided along 38th Parellel North Korea attacks south - 1950 => Korean war - 1950-53 Chinese intervention => stalemate along 38th parallel South Korean ist leader - Syngmon Rhee accused of corruption => overthrow by military - Gen Park Park improves the economy but centralizes power Assassinated in 1979 mid 1980's Korea follows Japanese model to industrialize and reform gov't North Korea - backed by Russia Leader Kim il Sung stagnating economy and end of Russia => problems in 1970's-80's Kim il Sung dies => Kim Jung il repressive and isolated regime Heavenly Warrior of Korea Kim Jung il dies => Kim Jung On
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