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Mrs. Mccullough

Bandies for Life!

Caroline Bechtel

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Mrs. Mccullough

Double click anywhere & add an idea BANDIES FOR LIFE Led by the amazing
KATHY MCCULLOUGH Where it all begins... one time at bandcamp... Just a few weeks before school starts each year, the Cathedral High School Marching Band, The Pride of the Irish, goes down to Anderson for a week of band bonding, learning, and fun! Each year there is a different unique group with a new pack of senior leaders. As a freshman at this past bandcamp, I remember being completely astounded at the amount of pep and enthusiasm the musicians around me showed. The end of the week "march-off" is always an important event. This past year Mark Aikman, one of my person favorites, proved to be the champion. Hopefully next year will be filled with just as much fun as this past one! Then of course, comes all those
intense marching competitions... BAND TRAVEL! Each year the band takes a trip somewhere in the world. Every three years we do a big trip, like Ireland. The next week we'll do a semi-big trip like Disney, and then we'll do a small trip like Chicago. No matter where we travel, the band always finds a way to have a great time. CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL PRIDE OF THE IRISH Each year the band participates in a few marching competitions where each high school band performs their show for all to see. There are judges watching you from above, around, and even on the field so it can be a scary experience, but its always an exciting one. Cathedral's band has a numbers disadvantage compared to the mighty Carmel and Avon, but somehow we make out with some valuable hardware each year. At first, knowing that my precious Fridays would be spent on a bus and on a field upset me, but once the other bandies and I got close, these competitions were a social party! :D LET THE TRADITION LIVE ON Reach
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