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Sterilization procedure

No description

Rob Wolf

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Sterilization procedure

Instrument Sterilization Procedure This presentation outlines the procedure
for sterilizing instruments used by Kid Power
for therapy purposes Step 1: Create the cleaning solution Locate the cleaning bucket

Mix 1 part Sterisol with 16 parts water The cleaning bucket is located on the dishwasher
Sterisol is located in the cabinet above the dishwasher Step 2: Gather the instruments Note that some instruments have sensitive parts
that should not be cleaned Remove the top and wax paper piece from kazoos and set them aside

Screamer whistles should not be soaked

Sting whistles have plastic mouthpieces that should be removed and washed without the stringed piece
Step 3: Prepare the drying area Place paper towels out on the washer and dryer for cleaned instruments to air dry
Paper towels are located above the sink next to the
dishwasher Step 4: Clean the instruments Dip the mouthpiece end into the cleaning solution for 2 minutes

Rinse under hot water

Place the instrument on the towels to dry
Step 5: Put away the instruments Each instrument has a specific location Reference the list on the side of the Oral Motor cabinet IMPORTANT: Do not put any instrument away wet QUESTIONS?
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