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Jaime Mason

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Cheetahs!

Cheetahs! world's fastest land animal Prey! -They kinda stalk their prey. -they eat hares,warthogs,and birds,sometimes chicks and rabbits too -if they are in a zoo they eat horse meat and beef. -it takes them 20 minutes to relax and 2o minutes for the animal to suffocate -Only eats things under 90 pounds. -At first it is about 50 yards away AND KEEPS GETTING CLOSER. -They are carnivorve..which is a animal that eats other animals. Speed! -Can go 70 miles per hour! When they hunt they only go 45 miles per hour,they can go way faster. Their claws are very impotant because they need a good grip or they will just fall. They start hunting when there two years old. appearance By:Jaime Mason :) They are 75 to 145 pounds. They are 3 and half to 4 half feet long. When they are standing they are two to three feet tall from there shoulder. Their spots are .75 to 1.5 inches long.
Their tails are 30 inches long. They have spots everywhere but their throat and I think on their stomachs. The mark down their eyes are called "tear marks" They have small teeth. Facts! There is only 12,000 left there is also the king cheetah,they have only been seen in the wild 6 times! Male cheetahs never live alone they usualy have 2 or 3 other cheetahs with them and they are usualy their brothers Female cheetahs have 2 to 8 cubs at a time
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