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Michael Strahan

No description

Mr. Stack

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Michael Strahan

Michael Anthony Strahan was
born November 21st 1971 in Houstin Texas. The youngest of 7 children Strahan lived most of his childhood in Mulheim Germany. His father Gene was an army major and his mother is named Louise Strahan. Finaly Strahan returned to texas for his senior year of high school.
When Strahan returned to texas
For the first time in his life he played football. Strahan was also very good at football. He was so good he got a scholarship to play for Texas Southern Univercity. In TSU strahan was very good at football. He was a good sacker and a good tackler.
with the 40th pick in the 1993 NFL draft the new york giants select Michael Strahan TSU.
Michael Strahan
Early Life
High School And College
Michael was a star coming out of college he got the starting position his 2nd.Year that was his first double digit sack season with 14 in 1997 and 15 in 1998.Witch did earn him pro bowl starts.In 2001 he broke the single season sack record with 22.5 sacks he still holds the all time record.In 2007 there was rumor he was going to retire.He said it might be true but he did play the next season.That season was arguably his best season ever. Plus they knocked off the almost undeafeated New England Patriots leaving them 18-1. With the super bowl win Strahan retired he had 141.5 carrer sacks 5th all time.
Strahan went into tv and broadcasting he is a sports anylest at fox news. He also co hosts Live With Michael And Kelly. Also he has done comercials for subway food chains. But the most important thing is that he made it into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. His biggest acomplishment. Strahan was married three times and is current wife is Nicole Strahan he has three children Michael jr, Tanita, and Sophia. His former wifes were Wanda Hutchins, and Jean Strahan
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