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Multiple Response Strategies

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Jennifer Kastelein

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Multiple Response Strategies

November, 2012
Multiple Response Strategies: How to
get your students engaged

Dallas ISD Core Beliefs
Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement
Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance
There is no excuse for poor quality instruction
With our help, at-risk students will achieve at the same rate as non at-risk students
Staff members have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence
Multiple Response Strategies
Response cards
Whip around
Modified Whip around
Think-Pair Share
Quick response
Table Talk
Oral/Choral response
White boards
Whip around/Modified
Additional Engagement Strategies
Teach like a Champion
Everybody writes
Gallery walk
Musical chairs
Fast-paced, unpredictable, review of fundamentals
Pick sticks- Use Popsicle sticks labeled with each student's name
Head to head- Two students stand up to answer question, the student who gets the correct answer first remains standing and competes against new challenger
Sit down- All students start by standing, they have to earn their seat by answering question correctly
Students number off (ie. 1-5)
Assign parts of story/article/text to each student
Students become an expert on their assigned part
Students come back to original group and share what they have learned
Way for students to get the information without spending the whole class reading
Everybody writes
Set your students up for engagement by giving them the opportunity to reflect first in writing before discussing. "I write to know what I think."
Allows all students, not just those who always raise their hand, to be apart of the conversation
By giving students the opportunity to reflect first in writing, discussions can be rigorous and increase the quality of the ideas
Why Engagement??
Student engagement is active student learning
Research shows a positive correlation between active student engagement and student academic achievement
If students are not engaged in the learning process, all of the testing, data analysis, teacher meetings, and instructional minutes in the world will not motivate students to learn
Gallery Walk
Musical Chairs
Students are given time to discuss and formulate an answer to the question
One student from each group stands to share their answer out loud
Modified: All students standing, if they hear what they what they were going to say, they sit down. Go through until all students are seated
Chart paper is posted on the wall
Option 1: Students walk around and complete notes from the information on anchor charts
Option 2: Students write their responses to questions on the chart paper
Prepare problems in advance (free response)
Tape problems to desk
Students have a graphic organizer numbered (this is where they will show their work)
Music plays and students move around the room, when the music stops, students find seat and begin working on problem filling in their worksheet
Excellent activity for review
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