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Cornell Notes Pop Quiz

No description

Ladarrion Swanson

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Cornell Notes Pop Quiz

Cornell Notes Pop Quiz
Whatcha know about Cornell Notes?
good luck
Using a piece of Cornell Note paper, ,answer the following questions to the best of your ability using your prior knowledge of Cornell Notes.
1. What are Cornell Notes?

A. Music in the written form

B. A note taking system used for organizing notes

C. Notes that are taken in computer class

D. A note that is written to a friend

A. A long time ago

B. In the 21st century

C. In the 1990s

D. In the 1950s

When were Cornell Notes created?

3. Who created Cornell Notes?

A. Walter Cornell

B. Carlos Sardo

C. Walter Pauk

D. Bill Gates

4. Why are they called Cornell Notes?

A. The person who created them lived in Cornell

B. The person who created them was a professor at Cornell University

C. The person who created them was Bob Cornell

D. The person who created them named the notes after their son Cornell

A. You can get into college faster by taking them

B. They will help you make friends

C. It is a way of learning information not just recording facts

D. It is a way to help you get your homework done quickly
5. What is one of the advantages of Cornell Notes?

A. Notebook, highlighter, and ruler

B. Just your mind

C. Newspaper and crayons

D. Paper and pen/pencil

6. What materials do you need to take Cornell notes?

7. What does STAR stand for?

S = Switch papers T = Take test A = Answer questions R = Review carefully

S = Student T = Take A = Able R = Reading

S = Set Up Paper T = Take Notes A = After Notes R = Review Notes

S = Summary T = Toolbox A = Get A's R = Record
8. Where do the questions/main ideas go when you are taking Cornell Notes?

A. The left big column

B. The bottom

C. The right skinny column

D. The top

A. Strive to get main ideas down

B. Paraphrase the text or lecturer

C. Don’t worry about spelling

D. All of the above

9. How do you take notes?

A. A friend's notes

B. Abbreviations

C. Cell phone

D. Highlighter
10. When taking notes, what can you use to help you write the notes faster?

11. What do you do after you take notes?

A. Turn them into your teacher

B. Reread them

C. Throw them away

D. Rewrite them

12. Who should you work with to compare notes?

A. A partner from the class

B. A friend from a different class

C. Your teacher

D. Your mom or dad
13. How can you emphasize important parts or key words?

A. Underline

B. Highlight

C. Circle

D. All of the above

14. What goes in the summary box at the top of your notes?

A. What your teacher tells you to write

B. Your questions about the notes

C. What you learned during the notes

D. Your name, date, and period

15. When would you review your notes?

A. During a quiz or test
B. After a quiz or test
C. Before a quiz or test
D. During summer

16. How do you review your notes?

A. Study the summary you wrote

B. Answer the questions that you made and check your answers

C. Highlight all of your notes

D. Sing your notes

17. Why should you use Cornell Notes?

A. They can help you learn the information and do better in your classes

B. They are fun and exciting

C. They are easier

D. They can help you learn how to write faster

18. The four sections in Cornell notes are...

A. Summary, Information, Notes, and Questions

B. Toolbox, Notes, Survey, and Summary

C. Toolbox, Notes, Questions, and Summary

D. Information, Summary, Toolbox, and Questions

19. Cornell notes have been popular for about the last 10 years.

A. True

B. False

20. Spelling is very important when taking Cornell notes.

A. True

B. False

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