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Toulmin Argument Model

No description

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Toulmin Argument Model


1. What are the six stages of the Toulmin argument?
2. What is the difference between the grounds and the rebuttal?
3. Why is a qualifier necessary?
4. What is the phrase to help you start the warrant?
5. After completing Toulmin style notes, you will need to turn them into a paragraph. In what order would you organize the components ?
6. When would you write the counter argument as it's own paragraph?

Toulmin Model
For Effective Arguments
Consists of six components:
1. claim
2. grounds
3. warrant
4. backing
5. qualifier
No specific order is required but all components relate to each other.
These are your reasons for why you believe your claim.
For now, always start your warrant with -
"As a rule..."
The backing is the facts, evidence, expert opinion, statitistics, etc. that support the warrant.
The Counter Argument
The claim is the point the argument seeks to prove. This can be the thesis of an essay.
Toulmin's Model of Argumentation
Toulmin's Model in Action
Prezi is one of the best presentation software programs for school projects.
As a rule
students want an efficient, practical and attractive presentation system.
1. Students are able to efficiently be the director by being able to freely zoom around the digital canvas for presenting the ideas.
2. Users are able to work on the project with other group members at the same time.
3. Users are able to add decorations and color to the whole canvas, and customize the power point slide's shapes the way they like.
1. In a recent survey, 95% of instructors required an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

2. According to Education Today, the normal Power Point is seen as weak and lacking due to its one dimensional format and other confinements. It is needing improvement to keep up with the demands of our tech savvy students.
Prezi is
one of the
presentation software programs for school projects.
One might argue that
Prezi may be too complicated for students
of its many features,
students would be able to quickly adapt to the program's features
they have used similar programs.
the learning curve would be short for today's students.

Example 2
Lived from 1922 -2009
Attended Cambridge, then became a lecturer at Oxford.
1958 published
The Uses of Argument
Poorly received in Britain, however, was well received elsewhere
Began to lecture in the United States
Today considered a leading philosopher in developing an effective argument and changing people's minds.
What is the
Toulmin Argument?
Stephen Toulmin
Practice 2
Click on the link below and the PowToon will open in a new tab to view. Then return here to continue.
Your POSITION on the topic.
Writing a CLAIM
The WHY of your argument.
Why do you hold this position?
The LOGIC of the argument.
Generally accepted TRUTHS.
Do not argue in absolutes (never, always, all, none).
Use these words to qualify your position.
One might argue that______________because______,
because_________________________________________. Therefore_______________________________________.
Memorize this script to practice writing rebuttals:
Your POSITION on the topic.
The WHY?
The reasons you hold this position.
The LOGIC of the argument.
Generally accepted TRUTHS.
Do not argue in absolutes (never, always, all, none).
Use these words to qualify your position.
The Counter Argument
(A) Old cars should be banned from the streets.
(E) Many

(B) old cars pollute the environment and accelerate the depletion of the ozone layer.
(C) As a rule, eliminating out-dated cars from the streets would result in less pollutants being released into the atmosphere..

(D) According to Mobile Emission Testing Inc, the level of carbon monoxide emissions from cars made before 1989 are 75% higher than cars manufactured in 2015.

One might argue that
some old cars can be made cleaner to meet current automobile standards
they can be modified,
this would not be financially feasible
this process is extremely expensive as parts need to be retrofitted.
, most old cars should receive limited access to the streets.
Practice 1
Example 3
Example 1
Can we agree that this is what students want?
Which words in here are the qualifiers?
I believe this to be true. Now I need to prove it!
Can you find the script?
Label each component on your worksheet.
(B) Middle School students should be able to use their cell phones in classes.
(A) The
(D) majority
of middle school students in the United States have access to their own phone.
As a rule,
cell phones today include many educational features that could be beneficial to students.

(F) According to a recent MAC World publication, there are over 80,000 educational apps available.

One might argue that
students should not utilize their phones in class
it could allow them to cheat on assessments and assignments,
phones will be an important resource for students to utilize effectively in the future
based on the current level of technology in the world, phones or another similar device will always be available.
, middle school students should utilize their phones in school to develop the skills they will need in the real world.
Label each component on your worksheet.
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