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The Breadwinner BY: Deborah Ellis

No description

yousif talib

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of The Breadwinner BY: Deborah Ellis

The Breadwinner BY: Deborah Ellis
One day, Parvana was sitting in her house with her family and the taliban knocked her door down and attacked father and mother so parvana tried helping as her 17 year old sister Nooria curled into a ball as parvana attacked the taliban but the taliban hit her with a stick and took their father to prison.

I have a connection with Parvana because Parvana and her people are being controlled by the talibans' and the talibans' are controlling the country; when i went to Palestine the Israeli's were occupying Palestine and controlling the people which is similar to what's happening to Parvana in Afghanistan.
A girl named Parvana is living in the rough streets of Kabul, Afgahnistan in a one room apartment with her 2 sister's Maryam, and Nooria and her brother Ali along with her mother and father.
physical description!!
Parvana is an eleven year old girl who is strong, healthy, dark colored, long hair, she likes to wear her favorite shalmar kameez, she is hesitant but brave, and courageous.
"Important Quote"
It was 1880, and the British were trying to take over the country. Did we want the British to take over?" he asked Maryam. "No" Maryam replied; the significance of that quote show's that Afghans are strong and courageous people because every country that tried to take over Afghanistan failed and faced defeat. pg. 28.
Important picture
I would choose to be friends with Parvana because she is trustworthy, caring, and brave so if I had to rely on anybody it would be Parvana for her braveness, and careness which are true pillars of character.
Parvana's father had many books that meant something to Parvana and they were really important to her.
"Important Quote"
"What's the name of that mountain?" she asked her father soon after they moved to that neighborhood "That's Mount Parvana" it is significant because her father is telling her that everyone is special and everybody has great features!! pg. 20.
The lesson Parvana learned was that you shouldn't take to many risks' and do what you can to support and help your family survive.
If I had give this book a rating it would be a 9 out of 10 because it was a great story that I could make connections to but at the end of the story she has to take another journey and I am anxious on to find out on what's going to happen in her journey.
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