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JAG Career Association

No description


on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of JAG Career Association

JAG Career Association
Career Association
"Preparing Today for a Career Tomorrow"

Opportunities to develop, practice, and refine personal, leadership, and employability skills.
Chapter Officers
Vice President for Leadership Development
Vice President for Career Development
Vice President for Social Activities
Vice President for Civic Awareness
Vice President for Community Service
Coordinator of Public Relations/Marketing
Tasks of President and Secretary
Members are provided opportunities for:
Leadership Development
Career Development
Social Awareness
Civic Awareness
Community Service
All members of the career association will be on a committee
Officers need to be well qualified, enthusiastic, and dependable. Capable officers ensure that:
The business of the chapter will be conducted in the proper parliamentary fashion
Records and minutes will be up to date and complete
Members will grow personally and professionally
Leadership Development
Students are provided the opportunity to develop the competencies necessary to be effective leaders. Eventually members will help each other to develop, practice and refine their leadership skills
Career Development
Through Career Development activities, students come in contact with employers to explore careers, especially those in need of skilled workforce as well as to better understand needed employabilty skills on the job
Social Awareness
Activities will increase student's abiliites to communicate effectively with others in a group setting either as a leader or a follower. They provide students will opportunities to mature, organize an event, value deadlines, interact with guests and display proper social etiquette in public situations.
Civic Awareness
Students will learn to better connect with and understand how their communities work. Activities could include touring the courthouse, meeting with the Mayor or local legislature, observing city employers at work, registering to vote, etc.
Community Service
Through involvement in community service projects, students are provided opportunities to develop their helping skills. JAG requires that each student complete and document 10 hours of community service.
Qualities of Officers
Is a leader
Is a motivator
Has the ability to organize a plan of activities
Has the ability to draw community, government, business, and peer support
Able to delegate authority and give directions
Has an understanding of community, school, and student issues
Has a school record of good effort, work, conduct, and attendance
Is organized and able to disseminate information in an orderly fashion
Can present information in a clear, concise, and interesting manner
Able to write well
Can recognize important points and ideas
Enjoys gathering information
Has the initiative to recognize when something needs to be done and does not wait for someone else to do it.
Works effectively with peers and adults
Enjoys working with details.
Vice President of Leadership Development
Prepared to take command whenever the President in not available
Has a working knowledge of officer responsibilities
Possesses similar characteristics as the President
Vice President of Career Development
Likes public relations and communicating with people
Can collect information and report back to the group
Can coordinate the planning and securing of guest speakers and field trips
Vice President of Social Awareness
Capable of creative thinking and innovative ideas
Enjoys coordinating social activities
Helps provide an outlet for student enthusiasm through a well-directed and guided social program
Assumes the role of the chapter secretary in case of absence
Can evaluate or analyze a situation or activity and its merits or benefits
Vice President of Civic Awareness
Has an interest in government and the workings of the community
Is comfortable in communicating with local government employees and officials
Has a working knowledge of officer responsibilities
Vice President of Community Service
Likes communications and working with the community
Enjoys writing news releases
Likes to put together community service opportunities and activities
Likes to encourage community partnerships with the Career Association chapter
Coordinator of Public Relations/Marketing
Oversees the committees' promotion of the Career Association by writing press releases, developing relationships with the media, taking pictures, and writing newsletters
Enjoys making scrapbooks and taking pictures
Tasks of President
Preside of chapter meetings
arrive to meetings early
begin meetings on time
never lose control of meeting
Plan meetings
Use the agenda. Follow up on Chapter meetings
Guide committees
Secure and review committee reports
Provide continuous leadership
Assist in determining the objectives to be accomplished by the Chapter
Constantly evaluate chapter activities
Maintain communications with the chapter advisor
Tasks of Chapter Secretary
Assist the President in developing agendas
Preside at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President of Leadership development
Take important chapter records and reference materials to meetings
Record and prepare the minutes of all meetings
Distribute and post meeting notices
Maintain the official membership roll
Read minutes and correspondence at meetings
Maintain constant communications with the chapter advisor
Which position will you run for???
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