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Card Predictor

No description

Ashima Jain

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Card Predictor

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
EE 202 Digital Circuits Laboratory
July-Nov 2013

Project report
Lab Group 41

Rahul Ghosh 120108027
Ashima Jain 120108051
Digital simulation of the card predictor trick.
Card Predictor as the name says predicts the fifth card out of a set of randomly chosen five cards.Four of these cards are given to the 8085 microprocessor.It computes and outputs both the value as well as the suit of the fifth card.
Description of Input Circuit
The input circuit consists of two parts :

Suits: Four switches have been provided to input the suit viz. Club, Diamond, Spade and Heart, of the corresponding card.

Suits Hex value
Club 01
Diamond 02
Spade 03
Heart 04
Card Value: For each suit, there are thirteen different possible values(from 2 to 9 and then jack to ace) of a card. So, there are thirteen switches for taking the input of the value of the cards.

Card Value Hex value
Ace 01
2 02
3 03
4 04
5 05
6 06
7 07
8 08
9 09
10 0A
Jack 0B
Queen 0C
King 0D
Description of Output Circuit
The output to be displayed comprises of both the value as well as the suit of the fifth card. 8085 gives 8 bit input where the upper 4 bits correspond to the value while the lower four to the suit. Two 7-segment displays have been used for displaying the first letter of the suit and the hex value of the card value.
Block Diagram of the circuit
8085 Assembly Code
The upper and lower C ports of 8255 are used as input ports for taking the input of the card value and the suit respectively. Port A is configured as output port. The 8085 code is as follows.
The circuit worked and the value of the fifth card was predicted correctly.
As per the present code, we can have a maximum of 3 cards having the same suit. This can be further improved so that it works with more than 3 cards having the same suit.
By introducing certain changes in the code, we can also simulate other card games using the same logic circuit.
Input Circuit
Output Circuit
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