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Zuni Indians

No description

Gabby+Caroline Maxwell

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Zuni Indians

Zuni Indians

By: Gabby and Caroline

Zuni Indians
Zuni Indians (Zoon-yee) are a very fascinating tribe. They do many extraordinary things that other tribes might not do.

Now we will show you a couple of things about Zuni Indians.

Zuni Indians are found in New Mexico. New Mexico has characteristics of wide deserts, heavily forested mountain wildernesses, and high, bare peaks. The climate is usually clear, humid, or overcast.

The Zuni men didn't wear much clothing but they did sometimes wear breech clothes or short kilts. Zuni women wore knee-length cotton dresses called mantas.
Zuni tribe members shelter is usually under big tree branches and build little houses out of trees to make a sort of house so rain would not be able to get in.
The Zuni tribe members usually eat corn, green beans, deer, rabbits, and birds.
Interesting Facts
Zuni indians speak English but 6,000 people speak Zuni language. The Zuni tribe members are well known for creating amazing and beautiful artwork including, pottery, woven baskets, clothing, and jewelry.
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