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Competitive Intelligence

An overview of the Competitive Intelligence framework.

Charl Asuit

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Competitive Intelligence

competitive intelligence
what is it?
defining, gathering, analysing and distributing
intelligence about competitors
wikipedia definition
why do it?
A commander who takes advantage of war
to gain personal fame and wealth, but does
not spend money for information about the
enemy is inhumane.
— Sun Tzu, "Art of War"
Competitive intelligence is a valuable input to any business
in defining strategic and tactical actions
how to do it?
our suggested framework
What do we want know?
regional presence
vision & image
approach & proposition
cost & pricing
analyst views
functions & features
user community
traditionally we get
information from
company website — product updates, press releases
industry publications — news features, white papers
analyst reports — market reports, industry views
newspapers — business mergers & deals, successes & failures
Where do we get the information?
but we could also
get them from
events — brochures, presentations, networking
dialogues — clients, external consultants
sales — win/loss analysis
social media — Twitter, blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn
procedure for gathering data
1. Gather/collect information.
this could be you!
2. Update information on CI WIKI on Sharepoint.
3. Forward soft and hard copies of information CI Gatekeeper in your region.
gatekeepers will be
nominated per region
4. Gatekeeper reviews new and update information on the CI WIKI.
What is the impact of the intelligence?
strategy assessment
business plans & goals
market penetration
understanding of perceptions
market impressions
thought leadership
knowledge of capabilities
product functionality
value proposition
effectiveness of
channels to market
business models
analysis methods
SWOT (3d)
Where do we keep the data?
How often are the updates?
as & when
quarterly reports
direct comparison
where are we at?
defined the initial framework
setup the CI Wiki on Sharepoint
release the first quarterly report to all AWD associates worldwide
what next?
establish the CI virtual team with gatekeepers nominated for each region
finalise the framework
prepare for the next quarterly report, due around Nov
Genuinely interesting! It's really good to understand
where AWD sits in the marketplace and what our
competitors are up to.
Format, layout and content is very good — quick
and easy to read.
some feedback
some suggestions
Include more information on product comparison.
Include AWD numbers in the graphs — even if it is bad news (0%) to see how we are doing in comparison with the competitors.
Setup a quarterly round table discussions with Solutions, Sales, Account Management and Operations present to develop messages that target perceptions of competitor strengths and weaknesses.
this could be you as well!
If you are ignorant of both your enemy and yourself,
then you are a fool and certain to be defeated in every battle.

If you know yourself, but not your enemy,
for every battle won, you will suffer a loss.

If you know your enemy and yourself,
you will win every battle.
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