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Justin Stilt shoes

Fun project (not rreal product

Leiyk Santella

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of Justin Stilt shoes

Justin is a GREAT Role model Beiber Stilt Shoes Just press A button and stilts come out of the shoes At any time you can turn into justin bieber A simple atom facial changer gives you the
voice, face, style, and body of Justin Beiber! Simply awesome! May cause slight injuries
to face, voice, body and style
You cannot change back to your regular
self after changing into justin bieber
some side affects include broken bone,
spontanious self combustion,
random implosion, uncountable amount of
wood termites entering your body, now remember
they do not eat the inside they eat the epiderdermis starting with your innerdermis have you ever felt like you come up
short justin has too! thats why he wears
justin stilt shoes don't we all want to be justin beiber now you can buy a brand new pair of justin stilt shoes for only 8 easy payments of 89.59
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