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Vitamins & Supplements

No description

Kimberly Trevino

on 4 February 2018

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Transcript of Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamin C supplements are not necessary for health and immunity in a healthy individual with a balanced diet.
Misconceptions about vitamin C and illness
Vitamin C and diet
Vitamin C supplements
The RDA for vitamin C
Conclusion and Discussion
Hypothesis: Vitamin C supplements are not necessary for health and immunity in a healthy individual with a balanced diet.
Discrepancies in studies concerning vitamin C
Newer studies have refuted older research.
Vitamin C/supplements DO NOT...
cure/prevent cancer (National Cancer Institute)
cure the common cold (WebMD)
significantly reduce the duration of the common cold (Cochrane)
Vitamin C supplementation is not necessary
RDA: 90 mg for men, 70 mg for women
Nursing Implications
A closer look at Vitamin C
Group 13!
Research Questions
Why is vitamin C important?
How much vitamin C do I need?
What foods contain vitamin C?
Does vitamin C help cure illnesses, like the common cold?
"Vitamins should be used only as supplements to the diet, not substitutes for healthy food"
-Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D
What are vitamins?
What is vitamin C?
Water soluble
Citrus fruits, peppers, green vegetables, etc.
What are the functions of vitamin C?
Reduction-oxidation reactions
Collagen synthesis
Facilitates iron absorption
Antioxidant activity
Vitamin C supplements
What you should know about vitamin c
Does not cure the cold if you take it after experiencing cold symptoms
Does not reduce the number of colds you get
Only an 8% reduction in a cold's duration
Consuming the recommended amounts of vitamin C
Efficacy of vitamin c supplements in prevention of cancer: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Many inconsistent findings about vitamin C and diseases
Conducted an analysis on the findings of other clinical trials
The trials showed no efficacy of vitamin C supplementation for prevention of cancer
The complete guide to nutrition in primary care
Also known as ascorbic acid
Controversial role in fighting viral infections
May have a mild antihistamine effect and may decrease severity of a cold
"For most people, a large orange or a cup of sliced strawberries, chopped red pepper or broccoli provides enough vitamin C for the day. Any extra vitamin C will simply be flushed out of your body in your urine."
-Mayo Clinic Staff
By: Alexus Castillo, Diana Chang, Leana Fernandez, Angelu Garcia, Clara Hashempour, Brooke Land, Valerie McNair, Gerrene Reed, Kimberly Trevino, and Kristen Workman.

Patient Education
Vitamin C deficiency: Encourage patient to comply with diet recommendations from the health care team.
Educate the patient that gradual loss of ascorbic acid occurs when fresh food is stored, but not when it is frozen. Rapid loss is caused by drying, salting, and cooking.
Educate patient about self-medicating with vitamin supplements should be cautioned not to exceed RDA.
A nurse wants to assess a patient's knowledge of how vitamin C works, what can the patient say to show they are knowledgeable about vitamin C?
Select all that apply.
“Vitamin C promotes wound healing.”
“Vitamin C will help cure the cold.”
“To get vitamin C in my diet, I should eat citrus fruits, peppers, and green vegetables.”
“Vitamin C will help me fight cancer.”
All of the above
Which patient will need an increase in Vitamin C in their diet?
True/False: Vitamins should be used to substitute healthy foods, and substitute a well-rounded diet.
Answers: A and C

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Answer: B
Answer: False
Orange you glad to see me?
A healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables will provide the proper amount of vitamin C an individual needs daily.
The serving size of each food group depends on a person's age, sex, and level of physical activity.
You can go to
to customize a diet plan that fits your needs.
The review was conducted using the databases pubMed and EBSCO, with the following search terms: "Vitamin C", "Vitamin C supplements", "common cold", and "cancer"
The search was limited to studies published in English from January 2006 to November 2016, which yielded a large number of articles that met this criteria
Three articles were selected for this presentation
. A patient that is trying to reduce the duration of the common cold
. A patient that has a wound vac
. A healthy patient with diabetes
. A pediatric patient with an ear infection
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