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Mary-ann Grace

on 18 March 2015

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1. Maintain a pleasing voice personality
Essential Ingredients:
- Voice
- Correct Phraseology
- Manner
- Proper Telephone Usage
1. Respond to all incoming calls, both local and overseas

2. Process long distance and overseas call requests of guests if direct dial service is not available.
5. Disseminate correct and vital information about the hotel facilities; through the telephone.
6. Take down and disseminate messages for in-house guests.

7. Attend to wake-up requests of house guests.
Telephone Exchange
3. Coordinate with telephone company operators regarding time and charges for all completed long distance or overseas calls.
4. Prepare toll charge for every completed call and make the corresponding charge report.
8. Screen all incoming calls of hotel guests and executives
9. Coordinate with the servicing telephone company (PLDT in the Philippines) in case there is a breakdown of the hotel trunk lines.

10. Prepare all required reports.
2. Use slightly rising inflection when a making statement

3. All incoming calls poutside the hotel should be answer as follows:
" ABC hotel, Good morning/ afternoon/ evening".
Never say " Hello" as this sounds unprofessional.
Calls from the House phone or from the guestrooms should be answered as follows:
"Operator, how may I help you?"
4. Always be ready with a PAD and PENCIL for noting down messages.

5. When the phone rings, grab the pad and pencil and promptly take down notes.
6. After the caller has relayed his inquiry/ request, read back to him the notes that you have written to validate the details. This gesture will also make the caller feel that you are paying full attention to his message.

7. Answer all calls as promptly as possible, if possible on the first ring.
8. Lift the receiver only you are ready to talk.

9. While talking with someone nearby and your phone rings, excuse yourself and answer the phone promptly.
10. Maintain friendly and accommodating conversation with guests. Be friendly friendly but not over familiar or too casual.

11. Speak clearly and distinctly. Speak in a modulated tone.
Never speak with something in your mouth, while smoking, chewing gum or when eating something.

12. When you leave your desk, leave a message as to your whereabouts.
13. Be helpful and accommodating. When called a party is not available, give an encouraging and/or specific report.
If the caller would like to speak only with the called party, obtain the caller's name, telephone number, and message.
In dealing with callers:
- Be attentive
- Never interrupt while the other party is speaking. Indicate your presence on the line with such expressions as: "I see", "Yes sir"..
- Avoid slang words
- Speak in the language which you are addressed.
- Be friendly but businesslike.
15. If you cannot help the caller with some information, explain why.

16. Be tactful when screening calls.
17. Do not make anyone wait on the line for information which will take long to obtain.

18. Keep conversation pleasant but brief.
19. Be attentive to avoid request for repetition

20. While inside the Telephone Exchange, Conversation should be limited to business matters only.
21. Never leave the switchboard unattended.

22. Avoid drinking and eating inside the switchboard.

23. Never listen to private conversations on the phone nor divulge confidential information gathered on the phone.
1. Bring the handset at least 1/2 inch from the mouth, then identify your hotel and greet the caller.

*Guestroom calls should be answer as follows: "operator, may I help you?"
2. To connect a call to a guestroom or office.

2.1 First, ask for the name of the caller.
2.2. Check with the caller if he/she knows the guest's room number. If not, refer to the information rack and call the guest.

If so, the guest room number should not be given to the caller.
2.3. When the name of the guest is not found on the information rack, the operator should never say that the person is not registered. Instead, she advises the caller that he/ she will be connected to the Front Desk for assistance.
If NO response, Inform the caller.

3. When paging a person, say: " We are still paging Mr. Smith".
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