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Business Plan Elevator Pitch

No description

Precious Hopper

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan Elevator Pitch

Competitive Advantage
The Team
The Black Diamond

Market Analysis
Our partnership with "Passions 8 Event Planning." Khasera's company provides the event decor we provide the menu.
All our employees are professionals. We require the staff to be Serve Safe certified. Many have their A.S. in Culinary Arts as well.
Going mobile: once the company is up and running (About the second year) we plan on creating an app. Cost: $25,500.
Who/What is The Black Diamond?
The Black Diamond is an upscale catering company located in Ballantyne that serves Charlotte and surrounding.
We plan events anywhere from 30-1,000 people.
We have a slogan, "If the customer's pleased, then we're at ease." At the end of the day our focus is being the best and hardest working in the game
Unlike any other catering company or restaurant we have no "specialty" dish or menu. We create the vision our clients want with them for a personable experience.
We're one of the few catering companies in the area. Surrounded by the Ballantyne Corporate Park, many of our clients are business oriented.
Transportation: The Black Diamond invested in 3 company cars. the black care with bright letters is sure to catch the attention of all who see it.
Catering contracts with Bank of America, Allan Tate, Wells Fargo, Geico
Passions 8 Event
Mini Goat Cheese Bites
Butternut squash crab Mini's
Staff Uniform
By: Precious Hopper
Salary (per household): $96,919
Education(Avg): Bachelors Degree
Profession (Avg): Business Management
Age Range: 33-35
Males: 33
Females: 35
Revenue: $8 billion per yr.
Annual growth rate: 0.9%
Currently employed: 137,318
Catering businesses in USA: 11,036
Marketing Concept
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