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Copy of Design for Health Care

Examples of, and trends in health care design and technology

Joachim van der Weegen

on 8 January 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Design for Health Care

"3D printed bones to 'simulate' planned surgery"
To simulate and practice planned surgery;
90 eur vs 900 eur;
More accurate;
Good material to simulate sawing and drilling in bone;

Mark Frame, RHSC Glasgow CT-scan information + 3D print= models of bones
Sabrine Landlust: Stuurbare Hernia Shaver
Compulz: vibrating dental device
- prevents air bubble in composite;
- 150 Hz: less sticky, more control
Wheel Chair Rotator, WCR-Medical
- rolstoel tuimelaar voor goede werkhouding tandarts
Wouter Sjoerdsma, Kevin de Niet
Erasmus MC 2010
Redesign Van de Overbeek Endoscoop
Rapid manufacturing (3D print plastic)
Adjustable to patient en surgeon
Anne Weekamp: LED verlichting MRI scanner Philips Medical (2008)
Sofie Operatierobot, Dr. Ir. Linda van den Bedem, TU/e
High tech
Low tech
(self) diagnosis
Study for an arm prosthesis
Helene Steiner e.a. (2010)
MAK Wien Design 4 You
Lower leg orthosis
GK Design Group 2005
MAK Wien made4you

Oil pressured hinges makes movement easier
Muse Cell Analyzer
Millipore (design by Whipsaw) 2012
MAK Wien made4you
Touch and Go, door slimme sensoren wordt het manoeuvreren van de tillift elektrisch ondersteund in de duwbeweging. Indes 2012
Walking aid
Ganymed 2012
MAK Wien made4you
Concept for a mobile dialysis device, user interface via smartphone, Maria Gartner e.a. 2011
MAK Wien made4you
minimal invasive surgery
Modern Meadow: In vitro meat, 3D printing of meat

Cartilage made easy with novel hybrid printer
22 November 2012 | Source: Biofabrication
The printing of 3D tissue has taken a major step forward with the creation of a novel hybrid printer that simplifies the process of creating implantable cartilage.

Next? 3D printing of organs, skin?
chronic diseases, self management
participation, assistive devices
'no electronics, mechanical only
electronics involved
additive manufacturing
(3D printing)

3D scanning & viewing
sensors (+ 'apps')
virtual reality
augmented reality

minimally invasive surgery
robots/ robotic
brain controlled devices
light weight design
smart materials
Computer guided rehabilitation product,
David Rahm, Tyromotion 2011
Gaming software will guide and control rehabilitation of upper body muscles
Arm splint for children
Wei Hung Chen, Ta Yo Chen 2011
Taiwan Textile Research Institute
MAK Wien made4you
Wheelchair for rough terrain
Continuum 2011
MAK made4you
'Apps' , gaming
Body media

Qualcomm wireless technology
AliveCor Heart Monitor: iphone cover + app
Fitbit: wireless activity sensor
MC10: stretch sensor patch
e.g. baby monitoring
local care center
Proteus biomedical: ingestible sensor pill
Lumoback: posture alert

Sano Intelligence
Sano is building a small, wearable sensor that can capture and transmit blood chemistry data continuously to virtually any device. http://sanointelligence.com/ (not active yet) http://www.fastcoexist.com/1680025/no-more-needles-a-crazy-new-patch-will-constantly-monitor-your-blood
Asthmapolis: “Better manage your asthma”
Lark sleep sensor, silent alarm
Sensor for incontinence diaper
concept for Robotic wheelchair,
Julia Kaisinger e.a. 2009.
MAK Wien made4you.
To make people independent. Stand-up function, 'Toilet mode' etc.
NASA 2012
MISIT TUDelft 2012
BrainGate brain control of robotic arm
Orthese for third world countries
Marienk van der Velden 2007
Quickstand stand-up aid
TU Delft biomechanical engineering
Hogeschool Rotterdam, IPO 2012
Interactive therapy device for people with long diseases, Oskar von Hanstein e.a. 2009. MAK Wien made4you
The devive helps people to control en monitor their breathing by interactive gaming
Walking aid with stand-up support
Zana Ghaderie 2012
Ergonomic support for videophone;
- For AAFJE care-appartements;
- Students of industrial design and occupational therapy, Hogeschool Rotterdam 2012
Head up display
translate speach to text
Surgery devices from low tech materials
Design for Health Care
Examples of Health Care Design & Technology
Joachim van der Weegen

Grotendeels gejat van Ronald van Gils
Stanford's touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself

"synthetic material that is both sensitive to touch and capable of healing itself quickly and repeatedly at room temperature.
The advance could lead to smarter prosthetics or resilient personal electronics that repair themselves."
(Standford University 2012)
Toyota 2012
Care support robots & nursing robots
“glove will eventually allow patients to diagnose their own illnesses”
Robotic breast cancer detection
For the online version of this presentation (with video's) search on prezi.com [design for health care Joachim van der Weegen]
low cost
low tech, low cost
re use
smart materials
low tech; self care
low tech
MC10: inplantable medical device in the heart
e-health websites, portals
PAL4: 'beeldzorg'
Consumentenbond (2010) Meneer Strubbe, MS DOS vs ipad
Virtual consult- Patient - doctor- specialist
Self-diagnosis - e-health
http://epatientdave.com/ website with self diagnoses information "let patients help"
http://www.zorgblik.nl/ symptom check & health information
http://www2.preventiekompas.nl/wat-houdt-het-in/wat-zijn-onze-tarieven self- and professional diagnoses web service, 139,- EUR
diagnosis - e-health
http://www.ksyos.org/telemedicine-diensten/teleoogheelkunde/ portal between first line and specialist
'quantified self'
quantified self
http://quantifiedself.com/ measure your body & health with apps & sensor devices
Quantified self; self diagnosis
sensors; self monitoring
minimally invasive surgery; virtual reality; augmented reality
Sensors; quantified self
sensors; prevention
Serious gaming; patient safety; avatars;

'The Safety Game offers healthcare institutions an efficient and cost effective means to train its staff and promote safety awareness'

Rotterdam Eye Hospital with TU Delft (TBM) and Vertigo Games (2013)
self management; e-care
Self management; exoskeloton
O.a. TU Twente, TU Delft
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