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The Guilt of Shan Yu

No description

Wynne Ebner

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of The Guilt of Shan Yu

The Guilt of Shan Yu
By Wynne Ebner
Whether Statement
Whether Shan Yu committed war crimes through the alleged indiscriminate killings of Chinese civilians as banned by the Geneva Conventions.
Who is Shan Yu?
Shan Yu's Actions
Leads and orders Huns to kill thousands of people
Intends to overthrow existing government and institute dictatorship
Goes after Mulan and her army
Destroys villages at a time
Violation of Geneva Convention
"Civilians and all persons not taking part in combat may under no circumstances be the object of attack and must be spared and protected"- Geneva Conventions of 1949
In Conclusion...
Antagonist in
Ruthless leader of the Huns in China
Inspired by Genghis Kahn and Atilla
Shan Yu killed villages upon villages of people with no regard for human life or anything other than his own interest of conquering China. His blatant cruelty, especially towards unarmed civilians who have done him no wrong is unjust and makes him deserving of a sentence from the ICTF.
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