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Mozingo Lake Golf Course

Improvement Plan

Kyle Easter

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Mozingo Lake Golf Course

Mozingo Lake Golf Course Improvement Plan Overview
Snack Bar
Outside Services
Grand Opening Pricing Leagues Clubhouse Snackbar Outside Services Partnerships Marketing/Advertising Tournaments Grand Opening The Big Picture • Raise Season passes/Bring value to the product
• Daily fees: Price Points 7-10, 10-2, 2-c (email specials)
• Update tournament pricing
• Military Discount • MEN'S LEAGUE
o Pre-registration-set teams
o Switch formats weekly (Calendar before league play begins)
o Print Rules so all participants play by the same rules, understand handicap
o Weekly prize fund –Cash Games
o Implement survey results SENIOR LEAGUE
Partnership with a local business for doughnuts
Stay in-tuned to the customers needs/wants
This league is working and nearly at capacity • LADIES LEAGUE
o Contact local Women’s Groups and advertise (Hair/nail salons, Bowling Leagues)
o Move day so it doesn’t conflict with Country Club League
o Offer lessons week(s) before start of league, FUNdamental clinics
o Offer a 10am Ladies League and 5:45pm Ladies Night • JUNIOR LEAGUE
o Concession Management (monitor free drink give-a-ways)
o Weekly instruction with the younger age groups
o Calendar of events for parents (short game, range, play)
o Competitions mid-summer, bi weekly
o Know prizes and when they get them
o Jr. Golf forms to schools via MPR
o Range signs and divide kids up for instruction by age Eliminate products that do not sell (Drivers, Nike, Puma/Cobra, Callaway)
Tap into a market that can be profitable (TaylorMade, Ball Markers, Divot Tools, Towels, NW Paw logo, Mozingo logo)
Upgrade Fore!Reservations and use all of the capabilities
Tournament shirts for staff (uniforms)
Get the equipment to post tournament and league scores on tv screens
Offer price points suitable for the demographic
Hard-goods order to fit, with choices
Lake Balls will be brought back
Punch Card
o Disclaimer
o Raise price but add 11th round free
o 9 hole punch card only
Inventory and order products smarter
Speakers (In clubhouse only)
Staff Meetings • Remodel-decide what we want from it then design
• Training must improve. Selling alcohol, signage (we card under specific date)
o Expectations
• Must be 21 to work snack bar
• Eliminate product that does not sell
• Alcohol sales! Check liquor license for keg beer/other options for liquors
• New pop gun
• New menu board • Starters/rangers on weekends
• Upgrade practice facilities (bunkers/chipping greens)
• Coolers already on carts to prevent loss
• Lessons-Group, Individual, video, (take a series of lessons get % off merchandise)
• Demo Days/Ball Fitting
• Score cards on carts during weekends-starter marshal have them (trial and error)
• Control range bag loss, anti-theft
• Surveillance (inside and out)
• Gutters/siding fixed/completed
• Landscaping upgrade (barrels of flowers all around)
• Range targets upgraded/ Sonix Golf plus yardage markers that are correct • Country Club (Maryville Tournament- 18 at Mozingo + 18 at C.C.)
• Chariteegolf.net
• Bowling Alley (Golf and Bowl)
• Restaurant for snack bar
• Examples: Dean Rush, Chris Costello
• Surrounding courses
o Out of Townie Day (show pass to other golf course in the area receive discount for golf) • Game Day Specials (noon-4) (Fantasy football headquarters)
• Advertisements
o Out of immediate market
o Online vs newspapers
• Email blasts- coupons, specials, reminders, leagues, etc
o Info from membership contracts
o Email stand-want to know deals sign up here or at website
o Collect player info when they are here
• Club competitions- Mozingo vs Fairview
• Nine and dine” 30$ for 9/carts/prizes/dinner Friday night
• Golf simulator- space, cost, interest-may come at a later date
• Advertise on NW bulletin boards
• Keep updated website, facebook, twitter
• Charge tournament fees to NW/MHS events
• Signage (School names, Jr League, Signs by hwy, bypass intersection)
• Ball pyramids for tournaments Labor Day Shamble
Memorial SBA
NW 2 man
Mozingo Open?
Bowling/Golf Tournament
Mozingo + Country Club Tournament (Maryville Championship
Maryville High School Tournaments
Northwest Girls Golf Teams Tournaments
Sorority/Fraternity Alumni tournaments
Burny's Tournament •Soft reopening in March
oSection off ProShop if snack bar is not finished in time
oMHS/NW practices
•April 6th Re-Grand Opening
•Word of mouth of people come out sooner
•Demo Days April 6th Organization Inform Customers Consistent/Uniform Policy 6 Banquet Room Thank You Thank You Northwest Football, Basketball, Baseball Alumni Tournaments
Rotary Club Tournament
Corngrowers Tournament
United Electric
American Electric
Wesley Foundation Night Golf Tournament
MFA Tournament
Tobin Tournament
Chip Strong Memorial Tournament
M.S. Benefit Tournament Competitive prices with competition in town
Full day banquet packages
Meetings include golf/merchandise discounts
Wedding and Corporate packages Communication
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