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Creative Writing - Point of View

No description

Megan Carpenter

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Creative Writing - Point of View

Creative Writing Point of View The perspective from which the story is told Point of
View Husband Wife Mistress Neighbor Private Investigator Child Objective Narrator POV
CHANGES the entire story!

- Facts Revealed
- Tone
- Theme
- Emotional Response Point of View
Options 1st Person Narrator - "I saw the crime"

2nd Person - "You saw the crime" (rare in literature)

3rd Person Narrator - "James saw the crime" First Person

- The author is writing in the
voice of the character

"I think.... I saw...." - ADVANTAGE - intimacy with the reader
- powerful "voice" & emotion

DISADVANTAGE - You're stuck in one character's skin
- Limited knowledge of events, limited vocabulary Unique options
First Person Several characters share their story in first-person
First Person -
Multiple Vision Telling the story from a minor
point of view - ADVANTAGE - Great at displaying a delusional protagonist

DISADVANTAGE - The minor character is not always there. - Works well for longer pieces of writing (novels, chapters to separate).

ADVANTAGE - the reader must engage on a more intellectual level. Another Option:
First Person Unreliable
Narrator Think "Tell Tale Heart" or "Catcher in the Rye"

- mentally insane
- a very young child
- a pathological liar
- a jealous lover
- an Alzheimer's patient

** to a certain extent - all first person narrators are unreliable ** Third Person
Narrator - The narrator is NOT a
character in the story;

it is simply a voice created
by the author to tell the story

"He did this... she did that..." Third Person - Single Vision

- the narrator describes the story through the eyes the "point of view" character
ADVANTAGE of Single Vision 3rd Person:
- unlimited vocabulary and "voice"

DISADVANTAGE - Just like first person,
"single vision" requires that the
character sees events that are mentioned.

Third Person -
Multiple Perspectives

ADVANTAGE - more information presented, more perspectives, more complex experience for the reader

DISADVANTAGE - can be confusing for the reader if divisions are not clear Third Person Omniscient

the "all-knowing" narrator Advantages:
- You can write anything about any character
(internal thoughts, etc.)
- You can build suspense; use foreshadowing

Disadvantages -
- The presence of the writer is usually felt
- It can feel impersonal to the reader
- It's harder for the reader to care for the
protagonist Third Person
Objective Narrator CANNOT speak about a character's thoughts... ANY character's thoughts. Everything must be revealed through First Person
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