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Wind Project

this is my wind project clime prezi

Annie Lee

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Wind Project

Renewable energy source :
wind Wind is caused by the
uneven heating of the
Earth's surface by the
sun WIND CYCLE- warm air over
the land expands and rises
and then the cooler and
heavier air comes to take
its place which creates wind.
At night the winds are reversed This is a website that shows how Wind Power capacity has changed from 1999-2009

http://www.windpoweringamerica.gov Wind is used to generate
elecricity through wind
turbines but when the wind
isn't blowing, other power
sources must be used to
generate electricity
Wind is a renewable
energy source and
does not pollute.
some people see it as
a good alternative for
fossil fuels. Wind power generation in the United States increased
by more than 1,400%
between 1999 and 2009 All but a handful of
U.S states offer green
pricing programs which
allow consumers to pay
more for energy that
comes from renewable
resources such as wind by the end of 2009
35 U.S. states were generating
wind power Texas, California, Iowa,
MInnesota, and OKlahoma
have the most wind
Wind Generation and the
wind cycle The Different Types of
Wind Turbines There are two different
types of wind turbines,
the horizontal axis turbine
and the vertical axis turbine
but horizontal turbines are
the most common Horizontal axis wind turbines
have blades going from top
to bottom.
The most common type
of vertical axis turbine is
the Darrieus Wind Turbine,
developed in the 1920s.
The Darrieus wind turbine
looks like a two bladed
egg beater.
A typical vertical turbine
is about 100ft tall,
and 50ft wide In a horizontal turbine,
there are usually three
blades. The blades are
attached to a hub. The
hub and blades together
are called the rotor. the housing at the top
of the turbine is called
the nacelle. A typical horizontal axis
turbine is about 20 stories
high, and has three blades that span 200ft across.
The largest wind turbines in the world have blades longer than football fields Many wind turbines are found
in wind power plants. Wind
power plants are clusters of
wind machines used to
generate electricity The largest wind farm, the
Horse HOllow Wind Energy
Center, in Texas , has 421
wind turbines that generate
enough electricity to power
220,000 homes per year The History of wind
turbines and wind
mills Wind mills have been
in use since 3500BC. Wind propelled boats along the Nile River in Ancient Egypt.
by 200BC simple
windmills in China
were pumping water
IN Persia and the Middle East
vertical axis windmills with
woven reed sails were
grinding grain. by the 11th century the
Middle East was using
windmills for food
production The Dutch refined the
windmill and adapted it
for draining lakes Settlers who took windmill technology to the New World in the late 19th century used windmills to
pump water for farms and
American colonists used
windmills to grind wheat
and corn, pump water,
and to cut wood for
sawmills. Don't use fossil fuels!
They pollute the Earth.
Use renewable energy
sources and save our
Earth! *1931*
Russia constructs the first
commercial power plant to
use a wind turbine to create
electricity *1985*
California wind capacity
exceeds 1,000 megawatts,
enough to power 250,000
homes. Wind turbines were
still very inefficient at this time. *1990s*
Growing public concerns
about environmental
issues such as global warming
and air pollution encourages
wind production
Global wind energy production
exceeds 74,000 megawatts *2008*
Global wind energy production
exceeds 94,000 megawatts.
Quick Facts Wind Powering America Images


Wind Powering America Website


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World of Energy


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Pollution Issues


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