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Dawid M

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Welcome to Orchard Academy

ICT Course Information Skills you will be learn The teachers in Orchards academy are fally qualified and are reedy to help you if you decede to join the 6th form. Teachers For more information on the course
and Orchards Academy, Log no to
www.orchards-tkat.org and you can fallow the
school on Twitter:
@OrchardsAcademy Where could the subject take you in the future? In this course you will be learn not only boring staff like use of Microsoft Word. The course will teach you how to program in C++ or use of HTML. You think is not much you are interest in multimedia making so the course will have something for you to use of Photoshop. All of those staff are include in the course and is fun to do. Units ICT is a well established academic subject and highly regarded by employers and universities. It is a valuable qualification for a wide range of careers as we are living in the age of computers that evolve every day. The own benefit of knowing how to fix yours or you family computers. Unit 1 Communication and Employ ability Skills for IT
Unit 2 Computer Systems
Unit 3 Information Systems
Unit 6 Software Design and Development
Optional Units
Unit 7 Organization System Security
Unit 11 System Analysis and Design
Unit 28 Website Production
Unit 30 Digital Graphics
Unit 34 Business Resources
Special Optional Units
Unit 40 Computer Game Design
Unit 43 Multimedia Design BTEC ICT Level 3 is it for you? Do you want learn how to create an website or learn how to builds the computer you just interesting in computing in general. Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals Diploma in IT is a 120 credit. If ICT is not your think or you want to do something differed Orchards Academy will provide you with other courses :
Art & Design Level 3
Business Level 3
Health & Social Care Level 3
Sport Level 3 More then one courses Future prospects ICT course opens you to a world of opportunity, and after its completion and grades earned will come away with two levels. It gives a chance to take further education, such as the University and other ICT qualifications. By the end of this course students will gain 2 A-Level equivalent grades, as this is a BTEC Course.

Being BTEC course it means there are no exam for students it's all coursework. Whats you can get from the course
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